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140 Police Officers Injured During UK ‘Street Parties’ & Protests While Government Cracks Down on Beachgoers – NewsWars

Around 140 police officers have been injured as a result of breaking up illegal ‘street parties’ and Black Lives Matter protests in the UK over the past 3 weeks, although the government and the media appears to be more concerned about too many people visiting the beach.

Police were attacked and pelted with objects for a second night running as they tried to break up a gathering in Notting Hill, London. This followed a similar incident in Brixton, during which 22 officers were hurt as they were chased away by street mobs who smashed up cars.

The Brixton riot occurred after a Black Lives Matter music event that had been taking place the same evening. The media has repeatedly characterized BLM protests as “largely peaceful” no matter how many police officers are attacked.

Although Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick condemned the violence, there appears to be more anger over Brits visiting beaches during the hot weather.

The government is threatening to close beaches after hundreds flocked to Bournemouth yesterday, leading authorities to declare a “major incident” and order people to disperse.

These same concerns about “social distancing” were noticeably absent on innumerable previous occasions when tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters in London and other cities gathered in close proximity.

Perhaps if the beachgoers had just brought along ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs, they would have been left alone.

The reason police are outnumbered, defenseless and afraid of taking strong action against rioters, both during BLM demonstrations and illegal street parties, is because they’ve been embroiled in a zeitgeist that enforcing the law against black people is racist.

When mostly white football fans gather in London to protect statues, the police response is massive and overwhelming. When predominantly white sunseekers gather on south coast beaches, the government response is massive and overwhelming.

However, when non-whites gather for street parties or BLM protests, authorities are meek and police are told to stand down.

This two-tiered approach will only ensure more violent anarchy and chaos on UK streets throughout the rest of the summer.


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