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4 Injured in Japan as Powerful Typhoon Hits Okinawa, Over 240 Flights Cancelled – Reports


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TOKYO (Sputnik) – At least four people were wounded in Japan as Typhoon Maysak hit the country’s southern Okinawa region, media reported.

More than 240 flights to and from the Okinawa region were canceled because of the typhoon, which has caused power shutdowns in at least 30,000 households, NHK broadcaster said.

Typhoon Maysak is now traveling north-west with maximum sustained winds of 45 metres per second (100 miles per hour) and gusts of up to 65 metres per second (145 miles per hour).

The typhoon is expected to weaken slightly on Wednesday, as it nears its second landfall, in South Korea.

Officials called on people to be alert for violent winds, high waves, landslides, flooding in low-lying areas, and swollen rivers, the news outlet read.

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