4Chan Users Claim to Have Found Way to Easily Change People’s Voter Registration and Cancel Ballots Online in Oregon and Washington

Users on the anonymous messageboard 4Chan claim to have discovered a way that people’s ballots can be cancelled online in Washington — as well as change an Oregon voter’s registration… and all that you need is the person’s name and date of birth.

Their exploit allegedly worked to change registration for voters who are in the military, overseas or disabled. The claims rapidly went viral across social media late Saturday night, but may be misleading or false.

These are the screenshots that went viral.

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It seems as though the website will allow people to create a ballot for someone else, using just their name and date of birth, but it must be printed, signed and returned. Additionally, the form that it creates, at least in Oregon, requires a valid ID number or copy of another accepted form of identification.

UPDATE: Washington state does as well.

Portland Tribune reporter Zane Sparling tweeted that “the ‘mark my ballot’ button is NOT the same as actually voting. It creates a form that absentee voters must submit to the elections office.” He added, “simply clicking these buttons does not create a vote. The form must be submitted by fax or email, and the form does not work unless you have been granted absentee ballot status by an elections official.”

However, Oregon’s voting rules do require a valid state ID number or the last four digits of your social security number in order to obtain an absentee ballot.

People on social media who were digging into the alleged vulnerability also claimed that by starting the process of changing a person’s registration online in Washington, it cancels any ballot that the person has already cast.

Obviously, the potential for voter fraud with these exploits, if they can in fact cancel out ballots that have already been sent in, is massive.

We have been unable to confirm or debunk that claim at this time.

The Gateway Pundit could not independently verify the claims, as that would be voter fraud. We have reached out to the Oregon State Elections Office for more information and will update this story if a response is provided.

We will be continuing to provide updates as the story unfolds.

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