86% Of Trump Voters Say Biden 'Did Not Legitimately Win' Election

86% Of Trump Voters Say Biden ‘Did Not Legitimately Win’ Election

The vast majority of Trump voters think that Joe Biden’s predicted election win was illegitimate, and that we’ll never know the true outcome.

According to the latest YouGov/The Economist poll, 86% of Trump voters say Biden “did not legitimately win the election,” while 73% say that we’ll “never know the real outcome of this election.”

The poll also reveals that a majority of voters (53%) thought that President Trump would win vs. Biden (47%), according to Economist data journalist, G. Elliott Morris.

Meanwhile, 88% of Trump voters say they believe that “illegal immigrants voted fraudulently in 2016 and tried again in 2020,” while 90% believed that “mail ballots are being manipulated to favor Joe Biden.

Morris adds that 46% of Republicans think “some people are not smart enough to vote” (vs. 27% of Dems), and 43% of Republicans also think that people should have to pass a test before voting (vs. 15% of Dems). 

89% of Republicans also think Trump should contest the outcome of the election in court, while 62% of his voters think it will change the outcome.

Less than half of those polled believe there will be a peaceful transition of power in the event Biden is sworn in.

It should be noted that this YouGov/Economist poll is in stark contrast to a recent Reuters poll, which found that 40% of Republicans say Trump won. Perhaps the difference lies in the distinction between YouGov’s sampling of “Trump voters” vs. “Republicans” – which would ostensibly include so-called ‘never-Trumpers.’

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