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88% Of Americans Say Attending Protests/Rallies Puts Health At Risk

88% Of Americans Say Attending Protests/Rallies Puts Health At Risk

Fourth of July celebrations and summer weddings are the latest triggers of American anxiety over COVID health risks, but protests and rallies – such as we have seen spread widely across America since the death of George Floyd – remain the greatest risk to Americans’ health… according to Americans.

The latest Axios-Ipsos poll shows that 88% of those polled say protests are risky for the spread of COVID-19.

Additionally, as the table above shows, 78% say attending a July 4 celebration this year would be a large or moderate risk, and 83% say indoor weddings carry a large or moderate risk.

“We won’t know until it happens exactly how much it affects behavior, but I think this is a leading indicator this may be a seriously dampened or toned down Fourth of July,” says Cliff Young, president of Ipsos U.S. Public Affairs.

“The coronavirus took the fun out of everything,” Young added.

Levels of concerns have returned to levels last seen in early May as the pandemic spreads across the South and West.

Notably, as a second wave gains momentum in the headlines, 53% now say they wear a mask at all times when leaving the home, a survey high.

As Axios notes, Democrats, women and people over 65 are more likely to feel risky about gathering for “I dos” and Independence Day, while Republicans, men and adults younger than 30 are less likely to worry. Nine in 10 Democrats – but only 65% of Republicans – think July 4 events carry a large or moderate risk combined.

Overall, seven in 10 see summer vacations as risky, and the intensity in their fear is rising.

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