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A Confused Joe Biden Yells at Parking Lot with Honking Cars in Philadelphia (VIDEO)

Joe Biden arrived in Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon for a “Souls to the Polls” event.

Biden’s campaign froze out the press and blocked entry to his event.

Crooked Joe doesn’t want any reporters asking him about Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.

One reporter from New Zealand said he’s never seen anything like this.

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“I’ve never experienced a press operation like it, impossible to get any response on any details of events let alone access. Not the best when you’re trying to project your guy as new global leader,” the reporter said.

On Sunday, Biden delivered the same angry, divisive and dark speech he does at every event.

A confused Joe Biden shouted lies to a parking lot full of honking cars.


Joe Biden’s entire speech was full of lies.

Biden even lied about the “Eagles” jacket he was wearing. It is actually a Delaware Blue Hens jacket.

Close up shot of Biden’s jacket.

Joe Biden lies about everything.

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