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A Fly Lands on Bloomberg's Face While He's Bashing Trump

A Fly Lands on Bloomberg’s Face While He’s Bashing Trump

The highlight of last night’s final evening of the ‘Democrat Dumpster Fire’ was the fly that messed with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg during his criticism of President Trump.

FOX News reported this morning:

A special guest buzzed its way into Mike Bloomberg’s speech Thursday night as the former New York City mayor was in the middle of slamming President Trump during the Democratic National Convention.

In the midst of Bloomberg attacking the president, what appeared to be a fly landed on his face — at least once above his right eye and once under his nose.

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You couldn’t help but notice the fly:

Diamond and Silk noticed as well:

Many said the fly was the star:

There were numerous comments on Twitter:

We all know what flies are attracted to:

The fly even received shout outs:

This is not the first fly attracted to Democrat Dumpster Fires:

Let’s face it – Democrat Dumpsters attract flies.

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