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‘A Nice Pint of Kettle’ UK Chancellor Mocked on Twitter for Giving Thumbs Up to Homeware Shop

The United Kingdom first introduced lockdown measures in March in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and avoid overwhelming the national health service. To keep businesses afloat, Chancellor Rishi Sunak introduced unprecedented stimulus injections to support furloughed workers.

Rishi Sunak has been roundly ridiculed on social media for a tweet on Tuesday where he hails the reopening of pubs in the UK.

Following the announcement by the prime minister that pubs and restaurants would be reopening from 4 July, the chancellor tweeted that he was excited to “get back to the pub”, with a picture of himself accompanying the message.

The photo he posted, however, showed the chancellor, who himself does not drink alcohol, giving a thumbs up to a Maxwells Electronics shop, which sells home equipment such as kettles and toasters.

​Social media was quick to point out the disconnect.

​One Twitter user asked the chancellor if the lockdown had caused him to forget what a pub is.

​Others struck a less playful tone, criticising the chancellor for celebrating the government’s move and possibly putting the public in danger, with some referencing the number of deaths in the UK as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

​Some were happy to hear the news, however, and joined in with Sunak’s cheerful response.

​The message from the chancellor comes as Boris Johnson announced in the House of Commons that a number of businesses will be able to open up.

Pubs, hotels, libraries, restaurants, cinemas, outdoor leisure facilities will be able to open on 4 July, provided social distancing measures are maintained. Indoor gyms and swimming pools will remain closed.

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