Airbridge to convey aid to Ethiopia refugees in Sudan

World Food Programme (WFP) Representative and Country Director in Sudan Hameed Nuru reported plans for WFP and US agencies to move humanitarian aid from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Sudan via United Nations (UN) planes, and then to areas hosting Ethiopian refugees by helicopter, Al-Sharq news website reported on Friday.

According to Sudanese news agency SUNA, Nuru confirmed that the WFP had afforded food assistance to more than 60,000 refugees, revealing efforts to deliver this assistance as soon as possible.

Nuru also noted that the programme is seeking to afford food assistance to more than 100,000 refugees for one month.

He stated that the air bridge aimed to accelerate the aid response to cater to the refugees as soon as possible, noting that the long-distance is one of the biggest challenges ahead of offering aid to Ethiopian refugees stationed in the Sudanese region of Kassala.

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Meanwhile, the UN website Relief Web reported Nuru expressing urgency: "The humanitarian situation on the border between Ethiopia and Sudan is quickly deteriorating and is extremely urgent."

He added: "The WFP is playing a critical role in providing food and logistics support together with UN agencies, the Sudanese government, and local partners."

In addition, Nuru urged: "All actors need to step up to respond to this dire situation. We appeal to donors to give generously so that we can save lives in this crisis."

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