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Alex Jones predicted the censorship of internet media back in 2010 and warned of a licensing program that rewarded establishment-approved stories.

This has now come into fruition with NewsGuard.

“What’s scary is the media is reporting on it like it’s reasonable,” said Jones back in June 2010. “And other states are moving as well, to where I won’t be able to be on the air. No, I have to have a ‘government license.’”

“[They’re now saying], you have to be vetted, we have to decide, or we’re going to put messages up on your website – government popups – that say ‘stuff isn’t true’ or directs you to government or other media.”

Jones predicted the old media and government would have to form an alliance to survive because they couldn’t compete with the new alternative media.

“They are going to try this, you better enjoy the internet while it’s here. And you better use it to wake people up while it’s here, because the new media is destroying the old media, and so now you have the mainstream media teamed up with the government to block that.”

Fast forward to today, were a Google extension called NewsGuard tells the user if the site he or she is on has a “hidden agenda” or not.

This is officially done under the guise of “restoring trust and accountability.”

During a 2012 broadcast, Jones accurately predicted that elderly populations would be targeted for extermination, accompanied by financial incentives for hospitals that assist in the process.

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