Algeria's energy minister denies Lebanon adulterated fuel crisis

Algerian Energy Minister Abdelmadjid Attar asserted on Thursday that there was no crisis with Lebanon regarding the shipment of so-called adulterated fuel by the state-owned oil company Sonatrach.

According to Anadolu Agency, this came in Attar's response to a question asked in the National Assembly.

The minister pointed out that what was known as the Sonatrach case in Lebanon has nothing to do with the national oil company, but instead concerns internal political problems within the Lebanese state.

He added: "We have no problem with Lebanon. Sonatrach's branch in London has undertaken all the responsibility for what happened and replaced the allegedly adulterated fuel with another shipment."

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Attar continued: "The fuel was not adulterated, but it was mixed with sand, therefore the shipment was replaced."

A few days ago, media in both countries reported news of threats issued by Sonatrach to the Lebanese state-owned electricity company about resorting to international arbitration to obtain its arrears for the fuel shipment.

Neither Sonatrach nor the Algerian Energy Ministry made any immediate comment on the validity of the news.

Since January 2006, Sonatrach has concluded an agreement with the Lebanese Ministry of Energy to supply it with diesel and fuel oil to benefit the state-owned Lebanese electricity company.

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