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Another Lawyer for Obama's Former Deputy AG Sally Yates Is Assisting Corrupt Judge Sullivan in General Flynn Case

Another Lawyer for Obama’s Former Deputy AG Sally Yates Is Assisting Corrupt Judge Sullivan in General Flynn Case

The circus will not end.  The attorney for Obama’s corrupt former Deputy Attorney General, Sally Yates, is now representing the group that is working with corrupt Judge Sullivan in keeping innocent General Michael Flynn in court.

What a group of corrupt individuals that Obama brought into the US government.  These people are bold, unprincipled and sick.

In May we reported that Judge Sullivan appointed retired Clinton appointee judge John Gleeson to argue against the government’s motion to dismiss the charge against Flynn!

This is unheard of!

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Also Sullivan asked the retired judge to look at whether Flynn could be held in criminal contempt for perjury.

**** This is exactly what Obama said in a weekend ‘leaked’ phone call — even though Flynn DID NOT commit perjury!

On May 11, 2020, John Gleeson penned a Washington post article titled, “The Flynn case isn’t over until the judge says it’s over“.

This was published in the Washington Post – Gleeson’s opinion piece — He is an OPEN Trump and Flynn hater!

John Gleeson also represented despicable deep state heroine Sally Yates.

Now this, another Sally Yates attorney signed the amicus along with Gleeson.

General Flynn was lied to, set up multiple times before and after the Trump inauguration, excessively to the point of illegally unmasked, targeted, ambushed in the White House, falsely accused, threatened with his son being indicted, provided corrupt legal counsel (the same firm where corrupt Obama former AG Eric Holder works), harassed for 3 years, belittled, slandered, besmirched by the judge, harassed by the judge, and now the attorneys going after him are the same attorneys who represented the corrupt Sally Yates who lied and told President Trump General Flynn lied. 

Obama is gross.

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