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Appearance can be deceptive – ItaMilRadar

Appearance can be deceptive – ItaMilRadar

We have received several messages informing us of an ISR mission by a Royal Navy aircraft off the Libyan coast. In fact, looking on Flightradar24 you could see a Beech 350 T.1 (reg. ZZ501 – callsign HERMES71) flying off the coast of Derna.

However, if you looked more carefully on the site, you could see that there was something wrong. The aircraft was in fact operating off Cornwall before flying directly off the coast of eastern Libya.

At this point, however, it was evident that it was not a real flight but simply an incorrect “plot”. Due to an error, the site displayed the aircraft where it was not.

After a few minutes the Beech returns to fly to Cornwall as if nothing had happened.

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