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Army chief accuses Morocco of conspiring against Algeria

The flags of Algeria (L) and Morocco flutters in Algiers, Algeria on 24 January 2012 [FAROUK BATICHE/AFP/Getty Images]

Algerian Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Said Chanegriha on Monday accused Morocco of weaving "conspiracies" against his country. "This expansionist regime has gone too far in its conspiracies and subversive propaganda campaigns, which aim to reduce Algeria's regional role, exhaust its capacities, prevent its development and undermine the unity of its people,"  Chanegriha said during a visit to an army base near the Moroccan border. All attempts to force Algeria to abandon its firm principles "will fail because the new Algeria is more determined than ever to preserve its sovereignty, national unity and sovereign decision," he added. Chanegriha said that his country "is fully prepared to confront, firmly and resolutely, all the despicable schemes." Relations between Morocco and Algeria have […]

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