Arsonists Cross Border to Set Fires, Escape Back to Mexico – NewsWars

Fire crews rushed to the scene of a blaze set in southern Arizona by arsonists who illegally entered the U.S. before fleeing back into Mexico, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials.

Footage of the incident was captured by Border Patrol cameras and distributed by CBP Yuma Sector’s Acting Chief Patrol Agent Carl Landrum.

“On Thursday morning in Yuma Sector, two subjects illegally entered the United States where there is no wall & set fires on Cocopah Tribal Land, then absconded back to Mexico,” Landrum explained.

“Multiple agencies responded & were able to contain the raging inferno before it caused more damage.”

Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan also shared the video, using it as an example to highlight the necessity for a robust barrier along the U.S. southern frontier.

“This is absolutely shocking and unacceptable,” Morgan wrote. “This is exactly why we need to construct a border wall system across our southern border. Thankfully fire crews contained and extinguished the fire.”

Border wall construction is in-progress in Yuma County, where between 20 and 30 miles have already been completed, CBP agents recently told local media.

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