Artist Plans Display Filled with Human Blood to 'Confront' Trump Supporters

Artist Plans Display Filled with Human Blood to ‘Confront’ Trump Supporters

Russian born and France based artist Andrei Molodkin is planning to display an art exhibit, entitled “The White House Filled With the Blood of US Citizens,” filled with human blood, he says it meant to “confront” supporters of President Donald Trump.

The display will be erected in Washington, D.C., according to a report by The Hill.

“The use of human blood is required to interrogate the existing political system,” said Andrei Molodkin. “I have questions about why people have to give their blood for an ideology so I say, if you have to give your blood, give it to art or to something that you’re free to choose.”

Watch below: 

Andrei Molodkin: White House filled with blood from U.S. Citizens, 2020 from a/political on Vimeo.

The artist’s piece, however, may seem bizarre to many Trump supporters, as the president has never gotten the United States involved in a war, unlike his predecessors.

Molodkin, nonetheless, will erect the piece, which features a video of blood pouring through a clear acrylic model of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and it will be projected onto the windows of CulturalDC’s Source Theater in Washington, D.C.

The gory display reportedly contains real blood from Americans who volunteered to donate to the piece at a church in France.

The so-called artwork, which seeks to confront “the the 73 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald Trump and the ‘blood-soaked system’ of American political power,” is expected to be unveiled on January 1.

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