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Assad praises Russia’s role in stabilising Syria – Middle East Monitor

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad stressed the importance of the role played by Russian military bases in ensuring security and stability in Syria and fighting global terrorism.

Al-Assad’s statements came during an exclusive interview with Russian TV channel Zvezda, during which he announced: “In Syria today we are facing global terrorism and Russia is helping us to achieve security and stability. But after the elimination of terrorism, Russia will play another role at the international level, which consists of urging the international community and different states to implement international law.”

He pointed out that: “There is an imbalance of powers in the current system of international relations and Russia must restore the lost balance.”

Al-Assad noted that the Russian military presence plays a significant role not only in Syria, but also worldwide.

The Syrian president indicated: “Russia can play a pivotal role in ensuring security and making the world order more just and balanced. Of course, if the West abandons its aggressive policy, which is based on using military power to create problems in the world, Russia may not need to use military force. As I said, the international system today needs to be balanced.”

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