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Australian MP Unleashes On Government For Trying To Silence Him When Mentioning Ivermectin – NewsWars

An Australian Member of Parliament tore into the government for trying to shut him down for simply mentioning ivermectin during a speech in August.

Liberal New South Wales MP Craig Kelly began his speech discussing an amendment to the Industry Research and Development Amendment (Industry Innovation and Science Australia) Bill.

“Firstly, I’d note for anyone watching a recording of this, that I’m speaking in the Australian federal parliament, and my speech here is protected by the Parliamentary Privileges Act, which goes back to the UK Bill of Rights 1688,” Kelly said. “I have free speech to say what I’m about to say. It should not be impeached or questioned outside of this parliament, for to do so is a breach of our Parliamentary Privileges Act.”

But the Parliament soon cut off Kelly once he brought up ivermectin research, contending that subject is “outside the issues before the House.”

“You gotta be kidding,” Kelly responded. “You’ve seriously got to be kidding me!”

“Just on the relevance rule, let’s be very clear what this amendment says,” Kelly continued. “‘Condemns the coalition government for its continued failure to back Australian industry and innovation, and to deal with the challenges arising from the pandemic’…THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I’M SPEAKING ABOUT!”

“You come into this chamber and want to silence debate on one of the most important issues ever to face our country? Shame on you down there at the desk, Member for Fenner or wherever you’re from! It is absolutely crystal clear that what I am debating is directly relevant to this bill,” Kelly argued.

“How dare you stand up and try to silence debate in the House because of some ideological view that you may have!” he continued. “I am directly talking about the government’s continued failure to back Australian industry and innovation, and I am talking about an Australian innovation that we have let slip through our fingers. That’s what I have been talking about, which is directly 100 per cent relevant to this bill.”

Though shocking, it’s nevertheless unsurprising that the Australian government would move to censor a sitting Member of Parliament given its heavy-handed tactics in silencing and brutalizing everyday citizens for simply leaving their house in defiance of nonsensical COVID lockdowns.

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