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Top 10 EXCUSES for not quitting the nicotine trap, and one effective NATURAL escape from the labyrinth –

Image: Top 10 EXCUSES for not quitting the nicotine trap, and one effective NATURAL escape from the labyrinth

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They say if you’re lost in a maze, don’t panic, just put one hand against the wall and you lead yourself right out of the labyrinth. Yet, most people addicted to nicotine don’t even believe they could survive daily life without it. And why is that? They’re lost in a maze. A haze of doubt and uncertainty, brought on by constantly recurring “hangovers” from using the third most addictive drug in the world.

So, as it goes, nearly every nicotine addict says they’re going to quit, they want to quit, or they already quit, but for some reason, they just keep feeding the fix. That reason would mainly be low dopamine levels in their body regularly, except when the nicotine reaches their heart and brain 3 seconds after a drag of smoke or vape.

Once those dopamine levels get compromised by the artificial, repetitive boost from nicotine, it’s hard for users to feel decent or get excited about anything without a hit. Then, if they get stressed out about something (which is pretty easy at that point), they simply “need” some nic hits, and they’re as serious as a heart attack when they say it. People who smoke never say “I’m going to have a cigarette” they say, “I need a cigarette.”

That’s why they can’t quit. Or at least, that’s why they think they can’t. They always feel stressed and they would need to somehow get excited about quitting, but how in the world could they do that? They simply don’t know, and that’s when the top 10 excuses come into play.

Top 10 excuses for being “stuck” in the “nic-fix” vicious cycle

#1. “I’m gonna quit, but not right now, because I have too much going on, and I’m kind of stressed out.”

#2. “I started out smoking or vaping just once in a while, like at a bar, and somehow it became a pack (or two) a day, or vaping every half hour.”

#3. “I want to quit and I’ve tried to quit many times, but nothing works.”

#4. “I don’t smoke or vape that often, just when I’m drinking or stressed.”

#5. “I switched to vaping, so it’s not that bad.”

#6. “I only smoke natural tobacco brands.”

#7. “I’ve cut way back lately.”

#8. “When I quit, I’ll do it cold turkey. I don’t need help.”

#9. “I’ll let you know when I’m ready to quit.”

#10. “I’ve already quit many times.”

One of the hardest parts of quitting nicotine is the mental part

It’s true that most of quitting is in your head, and that’s why the “Easy Way” book sold millions of copies across the world in dozens of different languages, years ago. About 70 percent of the nicotine addiction is in your head, especially after the first four days, when the true physical addiction wears off.

Allen Carr taught millions of people how to extinguish those mental demons and be a happy non-smoker for the rest of their life. What a genius. He even helps people get free from other addictions, like over-eating, alcohol and drugs. Still, some people need physical help, from supplements to behavior modifications. We’ve got answers for those too. Finish reading.

Most people who indulge nicotine daily suffer from CNS imbalances (central nervous system), long-term dull depression, sleeping problems or disorders, and nervous hypertension. This all stems from lack of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals.

Let’s get physical and really quit for good

First order of business, for these folks to drop the nicotine fix, is to get the right kind of vitamin B-12 (as methylcobalamin) and a natural dopamine boost (from mucuna pruriens). Who knew there’s a new supplement beverage invention, called Krave Kicker, that delivers BOTH in a 2.5 ounce liquid “shot” that lasts for hours, and it’s all natural. Plus the superfood mucuna is backed by solid science. This is worth considering for the physical aspect of quitting, in addition to Allan Carr’s paperback book for the mental part.

Tune your internet dial to for natural remedies that destroy the nicotine “trap” so you never “step in it” again. Remember to engage about 15 minutes of cardio exercise daily and sweat those toxins right out! Drink plenty of clean, filtered water and you can enjoy longevity. Have a great journey. This has been a public service announcement from Natural Health News, the leader in truth news for a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a great video that will help you kick nicotine naturally by jogging. Enjoy.

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Snopes, the ultimate FAKE “fact” checker –

Image: Snopes, the ultimate FAKE “fact” checker

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By now, you’ve hopefully realized that nearly all mainstream news that has to do with safety, health and human rights is fake and sourced by even more fake news. It’s a circle of deception that leads to nowhere, except making all the wrong choices about the important aspects of life. Why is it set up that way? Money. There’s way more money in managing sick Americans than healing them. That’s where Snopes comes in. In order to mislead the masses when they have those moments of second guessing, Snopes is there to reassure you that your biggest mistakes are the right mistakes.

Snopes is a fake fact checker with one goal – ensuring you only find bad advice online about everything that really matters

Not only is Snopes a source of fake stories now, they were once known as the “Urban Legends” reference pages, spreading myths and rumors and pretending to “debunk” truths all over the internet about healthy eating, effective supplements, and even the evidence-based, clinical research and peer-reviewed science behind nutrition. How did the fake fact checker “legend” start? They were the first to call themselves the “online encyclopedia.” That’s how.

A has-been, unpleasant-looking, nerdy ex-couple decided one day in the mid-1990’ to begin making a website that had “answers” to questionable discussions found on line. They even tried to start a TV pilot, but it failed right away. After Snopes failed miserably for several years as the “online encyclopedia,” they hired shills from message boards to help save their website. That must have worked, because a few years later they got bought out by Proper Media, an internet management firm.

The fake fact checkers began “modernizing” archives (in other words, changing history books to fit a narrative). This was the beginning of “book burning,” but without using fire. Instead you just change what people find online when they search for certain answers, especially that which is already popularly questionable. They even lie about Vietnam. It’s one big disinformation campaign fueled and sourced by more propaganda.

The end goal is to make money by lying about the most important things people really want to understand in order to be healthy, safe, and independent thinkers.

Snopes main aim is to “confirm legends” by convincing you vaccines are safe and genetically modified food is healthy

They love to discredit any natural cures and remedies, so that people who are fed up with the failing allopathic (a.k.a. allopathetic) system of slash and burn medical horrors, will turn to the internet to find real answers to their health problems, only to wind up believing Snopes’ lies. It’s a planned vicious cycle, and it’s been around for quite awhile now. Millions of Americans think Snopes gives real advice. Working advice. Not fooling them into being the fools they already are, but forever.

That’s why millions of Americans can’t figure out how they get cancer, even though they’re eating GMO food at every meal, and then taking experimental chemical concoctions made in laboratories for all their sicknesses (a.k.a. prescription medications).

Snopes references fake news media giants, and they reference Snopes in return, like one big circle jerk of lying morons

Yes, Snopes loves CNN, the sleazebag NYT, and “orange man bad” MSNBC. That’s really all you need to know to never trust them with anything, ever. The schmuck shyster and con who thought it all up still runs it from his couch. He’s paid by pharma thugs to continue working as a shill for life, pointing millions of sheeple (about 6 million monthly) towards his deadly cliff of “advice.”

If you want to believe urban legends about vaccines helping people or prescription drugs being the answer to your health problems, just read Snopes fake encyclopedia answers to your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Then your “herd immunity” will be realized when you all go off the health cliff together.

The Snopes repository of garbage and fecal matter online was intended to deliberately mislead people about important subjects. That’s why Snopes is the original internet troll, because T.R.O.L.L. is an acronym for “The Repository of Lost Legends.” The whole project name is like spitting in the face of their own believers. It’s an internet prank.

In 2009, (another fake fact checker monolith) likes how good Snopes had become at lying about political issues and began backing their efforts. Snopes is a far-Left political hack outfit that only applies it’s “debunking standards” to truth news and independent media when their real news affects big pharma or biotech profits.

Snopes accepts funding from known pedophiles (think paranormal-pervert James Randi here) and at least $100,000 from Mark F.B. Satan Zuckerberg, as part of their fake fact-checking “partnership.” Then, Snopes claimed they broke up with Fakebook in February, 2019.

Maybe one day soon they’ll start a “relationship” with some other fake fact checker like NPR, Politifact, or PBS. But for now, they sell a “premium membership” in fake fact checking for people who absolutely LOVE being lied to daily (without ads popping up for your convenience). Are you too suffering from O.M.B.D. – “Orange Man Bad Disease?” Tune your internet dial to for updates on new vaccines that maim and kill humans while spreading disease, all while fake fact checkers tell you they’re “safe and effective!” Hey Snopes, you are now officially debunked as a fact checker. You’re welcome.

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Top 10 commonsense reasons NOT to get vaccinated, ever, with any new shots, including a coronavirus vaccine –

Image: Top 10 commonsense reasons NOT to get vaccinated, ever, with any new shots, including a coronavirus vaccine

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If your brain isn’t already bogged and fogged by fluoridated water, mercury-laced flu shots, and clogged up with mind-numbing canola oil, then you may be able to think this one through before it’s too late for you to. Today’s vaccines are corrupted, untested and dangerous, and the vaccine industry is paying out billions of dollars to keep it all on the hush, hush.

You will never, ever see a case of the injured family on television or in any newspaper, talking about the nightmare of vaccine side effects, including autism, paralysis, coma and death. Here are the top 10 common sense reasons not to get vaccinated with anything, ever.

The real horror stories of today’s vaccines and the top 10 reasons to avoid them

There are lots of reasons to avoid the Franken-science of vaccines, namely:

  1. Most vaccines, including any COVID-19 one they may come out with in the next 18 months, are rushed to market with no safety trials and no proof of efficacy from independent labs. Only the vaccine manufacturer is allowed to “test” it so they can skew results to whatever end justifies their “success.”
  2. Nearly all vaccines carry more risk than benefit, because they contain highly dangerous adjuvants, toxic emulsifiers, deadly preservatives, and genetically modified live viruses and bacteria from other animals, including humans (abortions).
  3. The COVID-19 virus has already mutated and morphed, and continues to do so, so even if a vaccine is created soon, it will be obsolete and useless, besides being dangerously rushed to market. It’s completely unpredictable, and the truth is that the scientists know that.
  4. The secretive vaccine “court” has settled with injured families for over $4 billion dollars (that’s 4,000 million folks) for vaccines, mostly influenza jabs, that routinely and permanently maim, deform and kill babies, children, adults, and senior citizens alike. These real-life horror story cases, settlements and claims are NEVER published by mainstream media.
  5. Autism rates have skyrocketed over the past two decades, and the former, senior lead scientist of the CDC, Dr. William Thompson, blew the whistle himself and confessed that the MMR vaccine causes autism, especially in black boys under the age of three. Think about that one for a minute.
  6. Most vaccines contain random infected cells from other animals, including from human abortions, dogs, eagles, pigs, cows and monkeys.
  7. Most vaccines contain aluminum, which catapults the harmful effects of toxic heavy metals, like mercury, making them more likely to cross your blood/brain barrier, causing brain damage and central nervous system disorders (the vaccine industry notoriously calls this “triggering immune response” but it’s very dangerous).
  8. For the first two weeks after getting a vaccine that contains a live virus, it is highly likely that you shed that disease and give it to those around you, so herd immunity is useless here and this is when the vaccine industry always unjustly blames those who don’t vaccinate. It’s called shedding (a.k.a. vaccine induced disease) and it’s scientifically proven to happen.
  9. New vaccines are expected to contain micro-chips (instead of serial numbers tattooed on your forearm) that embed under your skin to be used as tracers and trackers, and the ingredients to be released by Bill Gates’ computer software. What could possibly go wrong? Infertility drugs, SSRIs, and high doses of mercury are just a few examples of secret ingredients you might discover too late.
  10. With 5G networks bombarding humans with dirty electricity, pesticide-laden food being produced at an all-time high (think GMO and Roundup Ready crops), and with everybody suffering from lockdown syndrome (lowered immunity), any vaccine injections (cocktails of chemicals and live, unpredictable virus combinations) are just deadly accidents waiting to happen. Good luck with all of that.

If you don’t want to be vaccinated with Bill Gates’ untested, unsafe, micro-chipped COVID-19 vaccine, then you are branded “anti-science!”

The lead vaccine industry shill at the New York (Crimes) Times, Kevin “Health Noose” Roose, is strongly pushing for a coronavirus vaccine, without a shred of proof that any such vaccine is either safe or effective. Intelligent Americans who say no to being injected regularly with mercury, aluminum and live, attenuated viruses are not anti-science, or even anti-vax — they’re just anti-stupidity.

No person in their right mind thinks it’s smart to get injected with dirty vaccines just because the news cycle is blanketing the country with fear-mongering headlines every hour of the day. Many people who don’t get vaccines are pro-vaccine and are very science-based folks, but know that the industry is actually the most corrupt industry on Earth right now, with no regard to safety and that cannot be sued in court.

Realize that what the vaccine industry calls “side effects” are not side effects at all, but really DIRECT EFFECTS from the vaccination. If you get punched in the face and your teeth get knocked out, that’s not a side effect, that in fact, is a direct effect. Get it?

Bill Gates already admitted and bragged at a TED conference/seminar that if we do a “really good job” with vaccines, we can reduce the world’s population by a few billion. Yeah, how’s that working out for you, Bill?

Tune your internet dial to for updates on a bogus COVID jab that could kill you with the disease you’re trying to avoid at all costs.

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The five basic steps to quitting nicotine forever –

Image: 5-Day, 5-step nic-quit: The five basic steps to quitting nicotine forever

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Are you ready to do the 5-step “nic” quit? It’s easy. It’s scientifically proven to help you kick the cravings for nicotine without any drugs or chemical prescriptions. In America, there are 35 million smokers, 10 million vape connoisseurs, plus over 5 million smokeless tobacco users (think chew or dip).

That’s 50 million people in this country alone who have a “nic fit” every 20 to 40 minutes, and simply must get their fix to remove the nicotine hangover when the previous drag wears off. Yes it’s a vicious cycle, but that fire can be extinguished, and it’s not as difficult as people might think. In fact, it’s rather easy, if you know the 5 steps, but if you don’t, you may remain a user for years, even decades. Are you one of them?

One day soon you’ll try to quit, again. You’ll want to quit, but will you know how? There are some really bad choices out there for “quit methods” and there are some sensible, natural ones. Nothing, though, works as well as the 5-Day, 5-Step Nic-Quit. It’s natural. It’s organic. It’s clean. You’ll have no nicotine cravings anymore. Here’s what you do.

The 5-Day, 5-Step Nic-Quit

Follow these steps to quit nicotine forever:

  1. Filter food chemicals OUT of your daily intake, including bleached foods (white), tap water, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and canola oil.
  2. Raise your dopamine levels naturally with a superfood called mucuna that’s safe, effective, and science-backed by clinical and peer-reviewed research.
  3. Take vitamin B-12 supplement, such as methylcobalamin, that’s easily used by your body to help balance your central nervous system.
  4. Take high quality trace minerals that include zinc to boost your immune system that’s been severely compromised by the nicotine that’s constricted your blood vessels all this time and constricted blood and oxygen flow throughout your body.
  5. Find a way to exercise for about 20 minutes a day (can be two 10-minute segments). Light exercise is fine, like walking or jogging. Do not strain yourself or make yourself miserable. Just enough to get the heart pumping, the vitamins flowing, and to help you detoxify. Add in some breathing exercises and you’re on your way!

Phenomenal, effective natural remedies to add into the mix for energy, pleasure and relief

There are also other natural remedies you can combine with mucuna, trace minerals, and vitamin B-12 to help supplement your needs and desires as you journey through to this natural lifestyle that will reward you for decades to come. Consider ginger, ginseng, lobelia (for reducing anxiety), cayenne pepper (sold as supplement and helps with lung health), valerian root (helps with sleeping), arginine (helps with libido, along with the mucuna), and start getting a full body massage from a therapist regularly.

Many nicotine “veterans” have problems with their sex drive or “libido.” This can have to do with many imbalances of hormones in your body, including serotonin and dopamine. There are foods that can enhance the libido, especially once you come off the nicotine and supplement with mucuna and zinc.

Start off with some almonds that are high in zinc. This works for both women and men, by the way. Then get some black raspberries, preferably organic so there’s no pesticides to kill the potency and flavor. This will help with long-term sexual vitality. If you want some extra L-arginine, as mentioned earlier as a supplement, grab some organic oatmeal, and boost that blood flow.

Lastly, chow down on some juicy watermelon, as it contains citrulline, a nutrient proven by science to have that “Viagra-style” effect on the libido.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on ways to build up your immunity so you won’t catch COVID-19. This has been a public service announcement from Natural News. Enjoy your healthy lifestyle.

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Signs of the SECOND HOLOCAUST are upon us, as Trump prepares US military to force vaccinate every American at gunpoint with untested, unsafe COVID vaccine before 2021 –

Image: Signs of the SECOND HOLOCAUST are upon us, as Trump prepares US military to force vaccinate every American at gunpoint with untested, unsafe COVID vaccine before 2021

(Natural News)
As Trump names former GSK pharma executive, Moncef Slaoui, as his lead henchman for “Operation Warp Speed,” he also prepares the military to go door-to-door and force-vaccinate Americans at gunpoint with a highly experimental vaccine that contains a tracking chip. That’s just one step away from the US government tattooing the serial number of the vaccine insert onto the inner forearm of the person injected, just like Hitler branded the Jews and other political prisoners of the Holocaust captured and tortured at the horrific death camp called Auschwitz.

Vaccines aren’t tested for safety or efficacy now, and neither are all of the insanely toxic ingredients used to make the batches, including mercury, African Green Monkey kidney cells, monosodium glutamate (MSG), formaldehyde, and deadly pig virus strains called Circovirus, used in childhood vaccines to give them severe diarrhea and tangled intestines.

Death count from COVID-19 virus will PALE in comparison to deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine itself

Yes, the US Army General Gustave Perna will command forces, as directed by the pharma Hitler of 2019, Moncef Slauoi, to start off with injecting the elderly in all nursing homes across America with COVID-19 genetically modified strains of a virus that’s already morphing and spreading out of control, so the elderly can shed that virus for two weeks (after being vaccinated) to ALL the other elderly residents, killing off all of them in one fell swoop. Of course, only the virus will be blamed, and never the vaccine.

Rushing a vaccine to market is like rushing the building of an atomic bomb on your own soil. This is biological warfare being waged on domestic soil by our own government. Anyone who lets the police, doctors, nurses or a Big Pharma executives’ US army brigade shoot lethal toxins into their body, their child’s body or their elderly parents’ bodies is saying yes to the second Holocaust, except this one could take out a couple hundred million people.

We went from “flattening the curve” and having enough hospital beds in order to reopen society and business … to “mandatory lockdown until force vaccinated” overnight – what happened?

Yes, Operation Warp Speed is underway folks. We have a “choice”: be force vaccinated and possibly tattooed and micro-chipped like at the Nazi concentration camps, or have all of our land, businesses and children confiscated by the insane Leftists and globalists when they install communism in 2021, should they win in November of this year.

Officials from the Defense Department and the Department of Health and Human Services are about to engage in domestic terrorism and biological warfare on all Americans, and they’re going to do it using submission by fear.

Fear is big business in America, all starting with the inside job of 9/11, the Patriot Act that killed a large portion of the Constitution, and now we have another invisible “terror” enemy at large, a lab-created virus. The Czars of Toxic Medicine, Anthony “Fraudulent” Fauci and Bill “Hell’s Gates” Gates, are leading the way into the next Holocaust, and for some freak reason, Donald J. Trump is all in with Big Pharma on this.

No students will be allowed to go to any schools, public or private, without the mark of the beast injected into their muscle tissue. The new stimulus package is nicknamed “HR-6666” just to rub it all in the face of the frustrated, scared, ignorant masses. That’s 100 billion in grants to clinics and medical centers for poisoning Americans. You can’t make this stuff up.

Millions of Americans who have held onto their automatic and semi-automatic weapons over these past few years of staged mass shootings will be waiting, cocked and loaded, in the woods, the hills and their basements for the S.S. vaccine police to hunt down Americans “for their own safety” and “for the greater good.”

Tune your internet dial to for updates on deadly vaccines coming to your doorstep with the US Army soon.

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The insidious COVID-19 vaccine will infect you with a virus that will lead to an outbreak of a new COVID-21 pandemic –

Image: Prediction: The insidious COVID-19 vaccine will infect you with a virus that will lead to an outbreak of a new COVID-21 pandemic

(Natural News)
Did you know viruses can infect each other? Yes, that’s because they’re parasites. In fact, the largest known virus, named Sputnik, has been discovered by French researchers to have the ability to infect a different virus. Viruses can also make clones of themselves by pirating another organism’s DNA. That means viruses can clone themselves while taking over another virus (or bacteria), proving they’re alive, despite what mainstream science has been claiming for decades.

This flies in the face of the old adage “the science is settled,” proving this kind of virus is a living organism. So then what about the ever-morphing COVID-19? Let’s have a much, much closer look, like microscopically close.

Genetically modified viruses can clone themselves inside the cells they invade, speeding up the damage they do through infection

Certain viruses can stitch their own genes into cells they’ve invaded and infected. It’s true. This can happen in humans too, so don’t jump to dismiss this science by claiming it’s only happening in laboratories. This can happen with many different kinds of viruses too, including herpes, mono, HIV and Ebola. What’s in your genomes?

Modern viruses, like novel coronavirus, are a patchwork of different sources, proving they originated in a lab, not out there in Mother Nature. This gives way to predicting that the psychotic billionaire “philanthropist” Bill Gates could be financially backing research that sets up vaccinated sheeple (brainwashed, starving and terrified people) for a new infection.

Yes, the new vaccine could be just like the flu shot, where you’re actually MORE susceptible to getting infected with a new, modified, or warped version of that with which you were injected. Then you’ll be tracked, captured by a CDC swat team, and quarantined for the rest of your extremely shortened life (or you’ll just die of the new virus).

The COVID-19 vaccine is the ultimate Trojan horse and 200 million Americans might just beg for it

Bill Gates most likely has the insidious vaccine industry building an infectious organism that seeks out whatever mutated virus is embedded in the COVID-19 vaccine. When did Ebola, HIV, Measles and Coronavirus develop the ability to infect the human species? We may not ever know when they originated, but we do know that they didn’t start infecting humans until recent history, as in the last century.

Yet, even as Polio was almost eradicated by developments in plumbing and the advancement of good hygiene, the CDC hoodwinked nearly every American into believing that the polio vaccine actually worked, even though the polio vaccine was a complete failure and a hoax. That’s why there will be no clinical trials for safety, efficacy or even cross-infection when the COVID-19 vaccine comes out, because it’s not intended to prevent anything. The intent is just the opposite – setting up as many Americans as possible for a future and deadly viral infection.

Will you welcome this evil Trojan horse into your temple (your body)? Will you surrender all of your human rights to be less afraid of something, only to find out later you are actually being infected with the real virus, and not just the fear of it?

The globalists and desperate Dems want the lockdown to continue until everyone is force vaccinated with COVID-21, assuring that the 2020 presidential election becomes a mail-in catastrophe that’s fixed for a communist takeover. Keep storing organic food and keep your guns and ammo in a safe place. The next not-so-civil war is coming, and there’s an army of parasites trying to invade your soul. Just say no to vaccines and continued lockdowns.

Realize that the longer you live on lockdown, the WEAKER your immune system gets, by not being exposed to the germs your body builds antibodies against. Get it?

Tune your internet dial to for updates on how vaccines, like the flu shot, set you up to contract the influenza virus the following year. It’s a sick joke and your death is the punchline if you don’t stay informed. You probably didn’t know that the elderly of Italy were given a new strain of the flu shot containing 4 different viruses, one of which was H1N1, so it made their body MORE susceptible to coronavirus (causing a cytokine storm).

Now watch this as Scientist Judy Mikovits, PhD totally exposes Anthony “Fraud” Fauci and the vaccine corruption plan:

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Have you been tested for the novel-Bill-Gates-19 virus? Do you have Fauci-Syndrome? Get ready for the depopulation vaccine that will exterminate the masses (opinion) –

Image: Have you been tested for the novel-Bill-Gates-19 virus? Do you have Fauci-Syndrome? Get ready for the depopulation vaccine that will exterminate the masses (opinion)

(Natural News)
Why bother sending children to school anymore when the globalists’ plan is to exterminate us all with a depopulation vaccine? That’s why Fauci and the Democrats don’t want any schools to reopen in the fall, because it’s pointless. Plus, the dumber the population, the easier it is to get everyone to vote for perpetual lockdown, shuttering of all small businesses to wipe out the middle class, and forced vaccination used to literally GIVE everyone COVID-20.

The majority of COVID test kits that are available now are faulty in some way. Many tests give you false positives, and that’s been studied already. Other ones give you false-negatives, up to 30% of the time. There are even records of unverified antibody tests spreading the virus, meaning the testing kit itself carries the infection. The polio vaccine given to millions of children in India (propagated by Bill Gates, of course) gave children permanent paralysis.

Vaccines are also known to spread the virus through shedding (also called vaccine-induced disease), when the vaccinated person sheds the live virus, exposing others during the first two weeks after injection. So there’s that.

Bill Gates has already flat out told the world that if we “do a really good job with vaccines …” we can reduce the world’s population by a few billion people. Really? How’s that Bill? Aren’t vaccines intended to prevent disease and death? There is no possible way that a billionaire globalist is all in for a COVID vaccine that will prevent disease and death, when he’s already proclaimed he wants the exact opposite to happen.

Spreading disease and death with vaccines – as the Deep State & Globalist Grim Reapers admit on video, twice even

Dr. Death, a.k.a. Dr. Fraud, a.k.a. Dr. Fauci said on video in 2017 that Trump will be challenged with a “Surprise Global Disease Outbreak” knowing good and well that it was a planned operation to reduce the world’s population, wreck the U.S. economy, and all in hopes of ousting Trump from the White House in November 2020.

Watch for yourself if you don’t believe it. There’s no way anybody could have made such a spot-on prediction, especially the head of infectious disease studies, who’s a deep-state troll who bows down to Bill Gates, Obama and George Soros.

Watch the creepy little disease-loving troll smile and smirk while he talks about the ominous future of infectious disease that Trump will deal with, all while Fauci plans for a depopulation vaccine with Communist China (think Gilead here – by the way, Gilead is the name for the new Nazi-America in a Hulu mini-series called Handmaid’s Tale – coincidence? We think not):

Here’s Bill “Gates of Hell” Gates spewing hatred for mankind at a TED talk where he outright says vaccines can be used as a biological weapon to reduce the world’s population by billions of people within a few decades. He even makes it clear that we need to do a “really good job” with vaccines and abortions to accomplish this.

That’s why all Democrats vote for late-term and day-of-birth abortions; because they’re all brainwashed to do exactly what Bill “Gates of Hell” Gates, Nazi-Sympathizer Soros and Dr. Death Fauci say to do, even if it means their own death and the death of their babies – anything to get Trump out of office so the globalists can turn America into a starving, desperate, police-state Communist country.

Hitler also had a depopulation agenda, just like Bill Gates and Dr. Death Fauci

Hitler too had a depopulation agenda similar to the COVID vaccine agenda. Hitler wanted to kill off anyone who was a “burden” to society and the economy, meaning all elderly folks, all mentally handicapped people, kids with autism, anyone with a birth defect, all Jews and all Blacks. That was the plan.

Now, the COVID vaccine will do just that, especially since it will be mostly administered to people in metropolitan cities first (think all minorities), pregnant women, newborn babies, and orthodox Jews in New York.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on vaccines that give you polio, cancer and coronavirus, instead of preventing disease and infection. Yes, it’s come to that.

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The 11-step globalist SCHEME to destroy America –

Image: The 11-step globalist SCHEME to destroy America

(Natural News)
The news is stressing Americans out to the max right now. People are starting to freak out. At least 100 million Americans literally believe the news that is posted on networks and websites that advertises pharmaceutical drugs with side effects like suicide, seizures, heart attacks and liver failure (think CNN and Washington Post).

Those same 100 million sheeple still believe the Democratic Party can help them, save them from Trump’s reign of terror. They still think Trump hates all immigrants, all black people, all women, all Arabs, all Jews, yet they’ve never seen one single video proving it.

Now the globalist psychopaths are running the Democratic Party, and the Left just can’t see it. Picture the round table, with all the social media giants sitting near Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Obama and the Clinton Mafia Cabal (with communist China on Google Meet). And these 11 topics are what they’re all plotting, and the end justifies any means, including mass genocide:

The Left’s 11-step SCHEME to destroy America

#1. Keep everyone on house-arrest until the November election, where all votes will be mail-in, and every Republican vote trashed, while all Democrat votes get counted (including repeats, dead people, illegal aliens and felons).

#2. “Test” everyone for COVID-19, use false-positive tests for all Republicans, then create a database for FDA/CDC/FEMA raids for human trafficking and political prisons.

#3. Make everyone register their guns so they can be confiscated during the COVID house raids that are “for your protection/isolation/quarantine” for anyone who legally has automatic weapons (so nobody will be able to fight the communist tyranny the Left wants to install).

#4. Close all beaches and parks so nobody can get any vitamin D from the sunshine, and “debunk” the fact that zinc supplementation may just be the best defense against COVID-19.

#5. Force vaccinate every American with a fake vaccine that literally gives you coronavirus so the CDC can claim anyone they want to has the virus and can therefore be captured and taken to FEMA prisons to die (Republicans and Independents who argue with, insult or deny the Left’s narrative).

#6. Silence all dissent to communism on the internet, including Google, YouTube, Fakebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all mainstream news (including every local newspaper).

#7. Make all religious worship illegal, so nobody has any morals, ethics or hope.

#8. Continue to make “examples” of citizens who break the fake “laws” and rules of social distancing in public places. This also includes arresting anyone for participating in legal, peaceful protests of the indefinite lockdown.

#9. Keep all small businesses shuttered and threatened with fines and jail time for doing business in any way, while all corporate businesses stay open and make a fortune.

#10. Foreclose on all homes and land of the middle class to eliminate anyone who functions independently of the police state Big Brother shadow government run by the insane Democrat governors and the globalists who tell them how to function every moment of their miserable shortened lives.

#11. Last but not least: Crash the economy and the stock market, then loot all the savings and retirement accounts for everybody by having a global financial reset where your money’s no good anymore (it’s called a currency swap).

After all of that, the formula is very simple, of course: Blame Trump for everything. Orange man bad! The news pundits and posers just point to orange man, and same goes for Saturday Night Live, just say his name and a vulgarity and crank up the laugh track real high.

Avoid the insanity by guarding your immune system, exercising, and reading independent, reliable news

You can avoid the insanity. Guard your immune system with your life (avoid things that diminish immunity). Don’t do stupid things during the COVID-19 crisis. Don’t get arrested for fighting with a Soros-funded troll from the Left. Don’t touch the grocery cart or basket and then touch your mouth, nose or eyes, without thoroughly washing your hands first.

Keep tuned to independent truth media that you’ve trusted for years. That’s where the best news is coming from. Tune your internet dial to for an unbiased take on what’s going down. We can all stop the Democrat and Globalist SCHEME to destroy America by voting all the goons out of office.

We scored big when Trump won. Now it’s up to the American people to help drain the swamp. Keep your organic food stocked, your supplements even more stocked, and keep those weapons clean. The hills have eyes. Here are some tips for preparing for the next virus lockdown.

Tune your internet dial away from mainstream and on over to for updates on the new fake coronavirus tests and how to save the Constitution, so you can save yourself from tyranny. Hey, don’t fall into the coronavirus trap. Stay tuned. Stay informed.

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One in every 4 Americans uses nicotine daily, making themselves more susceptible to catching the novel coronavirus and dying from COVID-19 –

Image: SHOCKER: One in every 4 Americans uses nicotine daily, making themselves more susceptible to catching the novel coronavirus and dying from COVID-19

(Natural News)
Most people who smoke, vape, dip or chew have no clue that long term use of nicotine impairs their body’s ability to produce dopamine properly, leaving them to rely solely on the world’s third most addictive drug to artificially stimulate that feel good hormone. Currently, there are over a billion tobacco users worldwide, and that number is creeping upward ominously, expecting to double over the next 3 decades. Then you have millions of people who use nicotine all day, every day. It gets worse.

Nicotine kills over 6 million people a year, about that same number is representative of Jews who died in the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis. That’s also the population of the whole state of Maryland or Wisconsin. Picture that in your mind’s eye. It’s also a scientific fact that nicotine use lowers immunity, setting users up for infections from bacteria and viruses. So what’s it take to quit nicotine?

The physical addiction of nicotine only lasts 4 days, but the behavioral habits and lack of dopamine boosts are what make it so seemingly “impossible” to quit

Dependence on nicotine is actually rated higher than that for cocaine or heroin. That’s because it catapults your dopamine production, but the price you pay for the artificial crutch is very steep. Nicotine has mood-altering capabilities, for starters. This creates a hormonal imbalance, and over time, the body builds up a tolerance to nicotine, requiring higher amounts to get the same rush or high. Then come the addiction “triggers;” think stress, alcohol, fidgeting, hand-to-mouth habits and breathing rituals. So how do you quit for real?

Sure, millions of ex-smokers brag about quitting cold turkey, but how many of them really did? Maybe someone close to them died from cancer or they themselves just had a tumor removed recently. Maybe their own doctor told them if they keep smoking they’ll die soon. Whatever the motive to quit, the hardest part isn’t kicking the nicotine addiction, it’s actually the problem of what to do about your low dopamine production.

In the short run, nicotine is a stimulant, but in the long run, it’s a depressant, just like alcohol and cocaine. Nicotine screws up your normal functioning of autonomic nerves too. You simply don’t behave the same way. Little things will stress you out, make you nervous, anxious, edgy, moody and later depressed. Even things that used to excite you don’t. What’s wrong? Low dopamine levels. You think, at that point, a nicotine jolt is the only solution, but you’re wrong. There’s a natural remedy that nary a nicotine addict alive knows about. It’s called mucuna.

What if you could raise your dopamine levels safely and naturally, with no hangover or drop off later? Would you check it out? Would you? When? If you could drop the cigarettes, the vape, the dip, or the chew and instead substitute a supplement that actually has a laundry list of health benefits, would you start right away, or wait?

There’s a beautiful, exotic, potent, velvety bean that grows in tropical climates and is ground up and sold in supplements. It’s called mucuna pruriens. It’s proven by doctors and scientists in clinical studies and peer-reviewed, double-blind research to raise dopamine levels safely, effectively and naturally. Researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas worked with nicotine users and found out the main reason they relapse after they quit is low dopamine levels.

Adaptogen superfood “Mucuna” kicks nicotine cravings naturally

Do you know about superfoods like mucuna? There’s an amazing supplement beverage invention that hit the market this spring, and many nicotine users (and sugar addicts) are jumping aboard the “mucuna train” to drop the nicotine fix and help raise their immune levels, especially during this COVID crisis.

That invention is called Krave Kicker, the world’s first supplement beverage that kicks nicotine cravings naturally. Whether you’re smoking, vaping, dipping or chewing, if you need a break (like permanently), Krave Kicker is the perfect solution. Stay safe and healthy during this coronavirus pandemic. You do have a choice with natural remedies.

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