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Massive Street Party Takes Place in Brooklyn

A video of what appears to be a massive crowd congregating outside a Brooklyn building and twerking on top of cars went viral over the weekend, causing the police to investigate.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is now looking into the video, which went viral on Snapchat over the weekend. The video shows people dancing, twerking on top of cars, and playing loud music on sidewalks as they drink, while staying in close contact with each other.

The party is believed to have taken place in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, NBC 4 New York reported.

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office told NBC 4 New York that police should disperse crowds like that, and anyone who refuses to disperse should be issued a summons.

The video from Brooklyn emerged the same day the NYPD shut down a Jewish Orthodox school in Bedford-Stuyvesant that was operating against city and state orders. More than 100 children were inside Monday when the police arrived to shut down the school, officials said.

There are more than 191,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in New York City, with 16,059 confirmed deaths as of Tuesday, according to data from the NYC Department of Health.

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Florida Keys to Reopen Hotels, End Checkpoints in June

The Florida Keys will reopen to tourists starting June 1, allowing hotels to resume business at 50 percent capacity, Monroe County officials said.

The county added that checkpoint screenings to gain access to the Keys by road will also be removed, and bus restrictions and airport screenings will be eliminated, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

The Miami Herald reported that as of Sunday, the Keys had 100 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, 3 deaths, and 12 hospitalizations.

“Should the Florida Keys experience an increase in cases and under the advisement of the Florida Department of Health, restrictions may be heightened, and amenities may again be closed,” county spokesperson Kristen Livengood said.

The decision to reopen was made because of the Keys’ low coronavirus infection rate compared to neighboring Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Livengood said the only new cases in the past week came from an upper Keys nursing home.

The Keys have been closed to nonresidents or people who do not own property in the area since March 22. Airports in Key West and Marathon currently remain open, but passengers are screened upon arrival and advised to self-quarantine for 14 days.

On March 27, checkpoints onto roads into the Keys were added to keep tourists and nonresidents out.

Officials announced the June 1 reopening plan Sunday night, when Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis said gyms could reopen, and restaurants could operate their dine-in services at 50 percent capacity.

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Overseas Fraud Ring Steals Millions in U.S. Unemployment Funds

A Nigerian fraud ring has allegedly stolen millions of U.S. unemployment benefits meant to help jobless Americans.

The complex scheme stole identities from citizens, including social security numbers, to file invalid claims on behalf of workers who may not even be unemployed, the New York Times reported.

Federal authorities believe that most of the false claims were filed in Washington state, though there is evidence that similar attacks took place in six states: North Carolina, Massachusetts, Florida, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Rhode Island, according to a Secret Service memo obtained by the Times.

The fraud ring could end up stealing “hundreds of millions of dollars” from individual state unemployment departments overwhelmed by Americans looking for a lifeline as economies ground to a halt.

“We are actively running down every lead we are getting,” Roy Dotson, a special agent who specializes in financial fraud at the Secret Service, said in an interview with investigators obtained by the Times.

The attack was first reported to authorities in Washington state, where people who did not file for unemployment benefits started receiving benefits they did not ask for.

“This is a gut punch,” Suzi LeVine, the commissioner of the Washington State Employment Security Department, told the Times.

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‘Fake News Is Not Essential’

President Donald Trump shared a tweet of a local television reporter being confronted by anti-shutdown protesters in Long Island, New York, who called him “fake news.”

“Fake news is not essential,” the president wrote, retweeting the videos from News 12 Long Island reporter Kevin Vesey.

Vesey recorded the viral videos, which have been viewed more than 11.9 million times, while he was on assignment covering a rally on Thursday protesting the stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus pandemic.

The News 12 Long Island reporter said the demonstrators in the town of Commack were confronting him over his profession and “repeatedly invading” his “personal space.”

According to the video taken at the event, several protesters called Vesey “fake news, with one protester shouting, “You are the enemy of the people!”

Most people were not wearing masks or were properly practicing social distancing at the event.

When Vesey found out the president retweeted him, he simply said, “And just like that, I’ve been tweeted by the president.”

Several mainstream media reporters defended Vesey after Trump’s retweet, and accused Trump of “bullying a civilian.”

“It’s discouraging enough to watch the tape of these knuckledraggers harassing a reporter who’s just doing his job by covering their protest (and who produced an even-handed segment for his local newscast). But to see the President pile on, bullying a civilian… it’s nauseating,” tweeted Politico reporter Tim Alberta.

“87,000 Americans dead, 1.3 million infected, and the president is attacking a local TV news reporter who was trying to do his job and cover a protest. Indecent, vile,” CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted.

“Good thing the president is trying to calm down the misplaced ang-,” tweeted Maggie Haberman of the New York Times.

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Woman Marries Man Who Saved Her Life in Las Vegas Shooting

A Canadian woman and a California man who met the day before the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting escaped the shooting together and have since fallen in love and tied the knot.

“Austin never left my side that night. Hand in hand and complete strangers we ran across the entire festival grounds trying to escape the gunfire,” Chantal Melanson said of her now husband, Austin Monfort.

The couple met at Gilley’s Saloon during the Route 91 Harvest Festival, just one day before gunman Stephen Paddock would open fire on hundreds of concertgoers, killing 59 people and injuring more than 800.

“I thought he was really nice, handsome and tall,” Melanson, 29, told People, adding that she was with a group of friends and gave Monfort a hard time for “not wearing cowboy boots at a country bar.”

But the pair eventually looked past that and started dancing the night away and exchanged phone numbers.

“He was so easy to talk to, it felt like we knew each other forever,” Melanson added.

They planned to meet up on the last day of the festival, October 1. During Jason Aldean’s closing performance, shots rang out, and the pair found themselves “on the ground with gunshots that seemed to be coming from every direction,” Melanson wrote on the couple’s joint Instagram.

“I felt a sense of responsibility for Chantal,” Monfort, 24, told People. “She was with me and not her friends. I felt like not only did I have to get myself out, but also her. Keeping her calm and getting her out kept me calm, and didn’t allow me to panic.”

They wound up in a taxi with a wounded spectator and spent the rest of the night in the hospital. In the morning, the couple said their goodbyes, with Monfort returning to Southern California and Melanson going back to Canada.

The two stayed in touch over the next few months, and love blossomed as they processed the tragedy of what happened together.

The couple got engaged in March 2019 when Melanson visited California. They later married at a San Diego courthouse and planned a traditional celebration in Las Vegas that was supposed to be held on May 8 for family and friends.

Still, it had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I felt safe with him — I didn’t want to leave his side,” Melanson told People about her husband and their shared experience with tragedy. “In many ways, he did save my life.”

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Tennessee to Reopen Amusement Parks, Theaters Starting Next Week

Tennessee announced Friday that it would start reopening amusement parks and theaters, as well as lift capacity restrictions on restaurants and shops beginning next week.

Tennessee’s Economic Recovery Group noted that 89 out of 95 counties in the state could lift capacity restrictions on businesses, adding that the next reopening phase for larger noncontact attractions would start as soon as May 22, WSMV reported.

Attractions included in the next phase of reopening include large museums, auditoriums, race tracks, and recreational parks. But restrictions keeping gatherings to no more than ten people will remain in place for now.

“We’re able to allow restaurants and retail businesses to operate at a greater capacity and large attractions to open in a safe and thoughtful way,” Republican Gov. Bill Lee said in a statement Friday.

A spokesperson for Dollywood told WBIR Friday that the theme park was working on its reopening plan as the state loosens its restrictions on large venues.

The state’s decision is made of several factors, including White House criteria they must meet in terms of coronavirus illnesses and hospitalizations. Tennessee has reported downward trajectories in both of those categories.

Davidson County, where the city of Nashville is located, logged 3,795 coronavirus cases and 42 deaths.

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rejects Suit Delaying Mail-in-Ballot Deadline

The Pennsylvania state Supreme Court on Friday rejected a lawsuit that would force election officials to accept mail-in-ballots as long as they are received within a week after the primary or general elections while the coronavirus pandemic is in place.

The Senior Law Center, Disability Rights Pennsylvania, and other organizations filed the suit in late April, arguing that postal delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic could cause ballots not to be received at their destinations in time to count, the Associated Press reported.

However, Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration argued against it, saying the plan would be unconstitutional because it would give voters different deadlines.

According to a 2019 law, the deadline for county elections offices to receive mail-in-ballots is 8:00 p.m. when the polls close on election day.

Pennsylvania’s primary was postponed from April 28 until June 2 because of the coronavirus, and officials say many votes will be cast by mail.

Meanwhile, counties are planning on limiting the number of polling locations due to the coronavirus.

The state legalized mail-in-ballots last fall, and they will be implemented for the first time this year. If voters wish to request a mail-in-ballot, they must do so by May 26, NBC 10 Philadelphia reported.

Recent data has not shown a compelling public health justification for mail-in-ballots.

Wisconsin is one of the only U.S. states that held its primary election with in-person voting after the nation’s coronavirus lockdowns began.

The election drew 413,000 participants, and only a few dozen out of that group were confirmed to have contracted the virus by either voting or serving as a poll worker. None of those cases was fatal, and the data on the current infection rate equals a rate below two-hundredths of one percent.

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Woman Creates Masks with ‘Straw Holes’ to Sip Cocktails

A woman is using her business to design and make masks with a “straw hole” specifically meant for sipping cocktails.

Artist Ellen Macomber, who like many other small business owners trying to stay afloat, was inspired to make masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

But it was a suggestion from a friend that inspired her to make a small slot in the middle around the mouth of each of her masks that can fit a straw meant for sipping cocktails, Fast Company reported.

Macomber and her assistant made 40 masks out of cotton and other embellished fabrics in a week for $30 apiece — and her masks sold out in 30 minutes.

“We were thinking of doing a lip appliqué, where it would flap open and close, but you’d have to touch your face. I was like, ‘Well that won’t work because you have to touch your mask,’” Macomber told Fast Company. “That’s when I was like, ‘Dude, we just drill a little flap, an extra layer, and you angle the straw to get in. So the hole is never completely open.’”

Macomber claims the masks will help those who spend time in public spaces, but guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state otherwise.

The CDC advises Americans to wear masks that cover the mouth and nose completely.

Macomber is not the only one to disregard the advice of the CDC regarding facial coverings. One Kentucky woman was caught on camera wearing a mask with a hole cut in it because she claimed it made it “easier to breathe.”

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Carnival Cruise Lines Takes Bookings for Return to Service in August

Carnival Cruise Lines was inundated with bookings after announcing it would return to the high seas starting in August, following in the wake of months of being on Chinese coronavirus lockdown.

Cruise Planners, a company that books cruises for the world’s largest cruise liner, said bookings shot up by 600 percent when Carnival announced that it would begin again on August 1,

The spike is a 200 percent increase over last year.

Cruise Planners told TMZ those cruise-bookers were “not a bit concerned about traveling at this time” because many said they were in good health and were looking forward to some fun after being in quarantine for several months.

Carnival and its competitor, Viking, suspended their operations back in March to slow the spread of coronavirus, as ships quickly became hotspots for the virus to breed.

The State Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) then issued warnings to Americans not to travel by cruise ship during the coronavirus outbreak.

Carnival released a statement saying that although they are optimistic they will return to ports by August 1, the cruise line offered no guarantees.

“We are taking a measured approach, focusing on the potential for sailing from a select number of homeports where we have more significant operations that are easily accessible by car for the majority of our guests,” Carnival Cruise Line said in a press statement last week.

“We continue to work with various government agencies, including the CDC, as we introduce new onboard protocols, but there is no assurance of a return on August 1,” the statement continued.

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CA Salons to Sue Gov. Newsom After He Said They Were Source of Virus

California nail salons are planning to sue Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom after he said they were to blame for the first case of the coronavirus in the state.

It all started when the California governor was asked why nail salons were part of phase 3 of reopening instead of phase 2, KGO reported.

“This whole thing started in the state of California, the first community spread, in a nail salon,” Newsom said Thursday.

His remarks drew a backlash from the beauty industry in California and the Vietnamese-American community, who own most of the salons in the state.

The tension mounts even more as California is moving into its next phase of reopening, and while more businesses were allowed to reopen for curbside pickup and delivery in this next phase, nail salons were nowhere near reopening.

This brought in an association of barber shops and salons, which said it would try to sue to attempt to force the California Democrat to let them reopen sooner.

“I have dealt at a very close proximity with cashiers, with Walmart associates, with Costco and Sam’s Club associates, with a Home Depot guy who helped me cut some wood. None of them had gloves; only some of them had masks,” Fred Jones, public policy director and legal counsel for the Professional Beauty Federation of California, told KCRA.

“There’s not going to be a salon in California, when we reopen, that doesn’t have both. We are trained in this,” he said.

Some salons have already opened despite Newsom’s order. In Northern California, a line went out the door of a Yuba City salon on Wednesday. Some of the customers wore masks while others did not. Newsom said at least 33 salons operating illegally have been shut down across the state.

California entered its first phase of stage two of reopening on Friday, which allows curbside pickup at retail stores and the reopening of parks for hiking and trails.

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American Airlines, Hyatt to Give Vacations to NYC Health Care Workers

American Airlines and Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced in a joint statement Friday that they would be giving thousands of free vacations to New York City health care workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

The companies said in the statement that more than 4,000 workers employed at the NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst medical center would be treated to roundtrip vacations to destinations throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean once they can “take time for themselves.”

Hyatt Hotels plans to provide accommodations once they arrive at no cost.

The companies said doctors, nurses, physician assistants, facility workers, and food service teams would be among those who qualify for the trips.

“We are extremely grateful to Hyatt and American Airlines for this generous gift to our health care workers, who have been at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Israel Rocha, vice president of NYC Health + Hospitals and CEO of NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst, said.

“Our doctors, nurses, and other staff on the front lines of this unprecedented health care crisis really appreciate the outpouring of support,” he continued.

The New York City metropolitan area has emerged as one of the epicenters of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. As of Sunday, the New York City Health Department reported more than 177,000 cases and 14,505 confirmed deaths reported by New York state.

New York state as a whole has reported more than 21,000 deaths and more than 333,000 confirmed cases.

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Virginia Construction Worker Saves Dying German Shepherd

A Virginia construction worker saved a dying German Shepherd stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the veterinarian’s office by giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The three-year-old dog, Jett, was choking in the backseat of his owner’s car after he swallowed a ball during a game of fetch, the Staunton News Leader reported.

Jett’s owner, Teresa Perkins, tried to go above the speed limit to the veterinarian’s office to save his life, but ended up stuck in traffic because of construction.

Perkins frantically honked her horn in the hopes someone would help her and wound up catching the attention of a few construction workers who rushed to help her.

“By then, my dog was pretty much dead,” she told the News Leader. “He was laying in the car, not moving. I had heard him breathe, like gasping, but then he quit. I was frantically crying and praying.”

But one quick-thinking worker was able to maneuver his arm down Jett’s throat to pull the ball out and then give the animal mouth-to-mouth while one of his coworkers egged him on, Perkins said.

His actions worked, and Jett started breathing again. Perkins was able to continue to drive to the veterinarian’s office, where the staff was expecting them so that he could be examined. Jett was quickly released.

Though Perkins did not get the construction worker’s name, social media eventually connected the two.

Perkins’s daughter and the construction worker, Cavaja Holt, both posted on Facebook about the incident asking friends and followers for help in getting back in touch with each other.

“Today is the first time I’ve ever stuck my hand down a strange dogs [sic] throat for any reason but I got the ball out,” Holt wrote. “Not only that but is the first time I’ve ever gave any living animal mouth-to-mouth.”

Perkins hailed Holt as a “hero” and thanked him for saving her dog’s life. She told the News Leader that Jett is feeling better now.

“He’s doing great,” she said. “But he is never, ever, ever, ever going to get a ball again.”

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Ivanka Trump’s Personal Assistant Next to Test Positive for Coronavirus

Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant is the latest in a list of White House staffers who have reportedly come down with the coronavirus.

CNN reported that the aide has been teleworking and has not physically seen the president’s daughter in weeks.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) administrator Stephen Hahn has been forced to self-quarantine for two weeks after being exposed to Vice President Mike Pence’s spokesperson Katie Miller, the wife of presidential adviser Stephen Miller, who has tested positive for the virus.

The troubling news came within days of President Donald Trump’s personal valet testing positive in what was considered the first known case of a White House staffer contracting the deadly virus.

Now President Trump, Pence, staffers, and reporters are getting tested daily to prevent the spread of the virus even as the White House continues to support reopening measures across the country.

Pence’s flight to Iowa to promote the restarting of the economy was delayed due to the news of Miller’s illness. Six staffers had to deplane and quarantine because they were recently in contact with her.

Those protecting Trump have also tested positive for the coronavirus. Breitbart News reported Saturday that 11 U.S. Secret Service officers have come down with the deadly virus.

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Sand Dumped at Pittsburgh City Hall Entrance After Skate Park Closed

Someone reportedly dumped sand into the revolving door entrance to Pittsburgh’s City Hall on Thursday hours after a crew filled in a local skate park with sand to deter people from congregating in those areas. reported that the police are currently investigating the incident at Grant Street entrance to Pittsburgh’s City-County building located downtown, but officials say it is uncertain if those events are connected at this time.

Public Works Director Mike Gable said the West Penn Skate Park had been closed because a large number of children were gathering there during the coronavirus pandemic.

The skate park had been chained off at first, but Gable said people had been climbing over the chains and cutting the locks to get in.

“We have been forced to do this because people are just not listening. They are determined so we have to take extra measures,” he told WPXI.

Gable said it is an extension of the city’s decision to close parks and playgrounds back in March and April and made the decision to shut down the parks and playgrounds following California’s lead.

The city of San Clemente, California, did just that, dumping 37 tons of sand on a local skate park to block residents from using it during the coronavirus outbreak.

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USDA to Purchase $470 Million in Excess Food, Deliver to Needy

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced this week that it would be purchasing $470 million in excess food from farmers to deliver to those in need.

The USDA’s latest program aims to combat food waste, which has become a massive problem since the coronavirus began as schools, restaurants, and even hotels have closed down to customers — leaving farmers with a surplus of food and nowhere to sell it.

It also aims to help local food banks throughout the country, which have seen a surge in demand as people have lost their jobs, and schools have shuttered.

Politico reported that the purchases will target meat, dairy, vegetables, and seafood — all markets that have plummeted since restaurants and food service businesses have closed.

The USDA said that it would spend money on fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and seafood products from farmers and ranchers as part of the initiative, including $120 million in dairy products, $50 million in potatoes, and $30 million in chicken.

“America’s farmers and ranchers have experienced a dislocated supply chain caused by the coronavirus. USDA is in the unique position to purchase these foods and deliver them to the hungry Americans who need it most,” said U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue in a press release.

The USDA will begin deliveries to the organizations under its Food and Nutrition Service nutrition assistance programs, including food banks, starting in July.

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Baby Bear Breaks into Tennessee Cabin with Guests Inside

Two friends on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, had a close encounter with a baby black bear while they were in their cabin, according to a video.

WATE reported that Michelle Eberhart came to Gatlinburg for the weekend with her husband and their friends when Friday morning, while their husbands were out playing a round of golf, Michelle and her friend noticed the baby bear leaning on the cabin’s back door.

“She just started pointing and I was like, ‘What?’ and so I turned and looked, and there’s a bear just putting his full force on the door. And then the door opens,” Eberhart said.

The bear then barged right through the back door inside the cabin while the ladies rushed to a bedroom for safety. The video showed the bear inside the cabin’s back door pawing on the walls.

There also happened to be three more bears lounging around on the porch outside, according to the video.

“It was just almost surreal, it was just a fight-or-flight, like I just have to remove us from this situation and make sure that we’re at least in a safe place,” Eberhart said.

The police were eventually called in, removing the bear from the cabin and shooing the other three bears lounging on the porch. But the bears did not leave the house empty-handed.

“They got 5 pounds of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a pound of M&M’s and two pounds of Sour Patch Kids and two bags of potato chips… two beers and two Diet Cokes and about 20 Zyrtecs,” Eberhart said.

Wildlife officials warn to keep your distance if you encounter a bear and call authorities because bears can travel very quickly.

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Kentucky Teen Delivers 100 ‘Snack Sacks’ to Health Care Workers

A 14-year-old from Louisville, Kentucky, is stepping up to the plate to support health care workers on the frontlines by giving them a little something to snack on.

Megan Delande, a freshman at Kentucky Country Day, spent her weekend delivering 100 “snack sacks” to the health care workers at Baptist Health in Louisville.

“I have been deeply moved by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the dedication, sacrifice and compassion of our community medical professionals and first responders,” she told the Louisville Courier-Journal. “I started ‘Snack Sacks for Good’ to provide a simple gesture of kindness and appreciation, bundled with a nutritious, fortifying snack and a message of hope and encouragement.”

Delande found a way to raise the money to put the sacks together through babysitting, pet sitting, and doing other odd jobs.

Each “sack” includes applesauce — which serves as a nonperishable fruit, a bottle of water, Goldfish crackers as a “good, salty snack,” a granola bar, a mint for fresh breath, and an encouraging note.

“As parents, we’re very proud that our daughter Megan has taken the initiative to give back to our community caregivers,” said her father, Keith, who also works for Baptist Health.

“She has always been highly motivated to act when she sees a need and, in this case, her actions will hopefully show the medical staff who are battling the pandemic that they are being thought of and recognized for what they are doing,” he continued.

Delande is unsure at this point how far her delivery service will go, but has considered expanding her cause via social media.

Delande is following the lead of many others, including our first lady, who are willing to support our frontline workers.

Melania Trump recently gave 150 boxed lunches to the patients and staff at the Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health, and a California man cooked and distributed hundreds of meals to nurses working at a nearby hospital even though his restaurant was in poor financial shape.

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Record-Breaking May Snowstorm Headed for Northeast

A potentially record-breaking snowstorm is headed for the Northeast this weekend, and it could bring historic snowfall totals to the inner Northeast and New England.

A storm system barreling into the Northeast will clash with winter cold associated with the polar vortex on Friday, bringing the potential for heavy, wet snow across the inner Northeast. At the same time, the rest of the I-95 corridor could see heavy rain.

Snowfall totals could range from a dusting to more than a foot in isolated areas of the extreme north of New England. Either way, a snowstorm in May could shatter May snowfall records.

Cities that could see snow include Binghamton, Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany in New York; Burlington, Vermont; and Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Temperatures would become more characteristic of March than of May, and regions of the western U.S. would be going through a heat wave while the eastern U.S. would be going through a cold snap.

Forty-five million people in the upper Midwest and the Appalachians are under a freeze watch, which is likely to expand.

The cold air is likely to expand into the Deep South, and by Saturday morning, 75 million people will wake up to temperatures that are colder than it was on Christmas Day in 2019. Only a quarter of the country was covered in snow around that time.

Cities that could see record-low temperatures over the weekend include New York City and Buffalo, New York; Baltimore; Detroit; Pittsburgh; Nashville, and Memphis, Tennessee; Charlotte, North Carolina; Shreveport, Louisiana; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Montgomery, Alabama.

For some perspective, the last time New York City had temperatures down in the 30s in May was in 1978.

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NYC Preparing to Furlough, Lay Off Essential Workers

Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that he would have to begin to furlough or lay off essential New York City employees if the city does not receive federal stimulus funds to fill budget deficits caused by the coronavirus.

“Right now what I’m staring down the barrel of, and cities and states all over the country, people are either acting on furloughs and layoffs or preparing for furloughs or layoffs of the exact people who have been the heroes in this crisis who we should be celebrating and supporting — first responders, the health care workers, the educators,” de Blasio said on CNN’s New Day.

“How are we going to support these people who we need if we don’t have any money?” de Blasio asked.

The New York Democrat has said in the past that cuts to the workforce would be used only as a last resort.

President Donald Trump told the New York Post in an exclusive interview Monday that Democrat-run states like New York that are cash-strapped should not expect to be bailed out because it would be unfair to Republican states.

De Blasio has had to change his expectations on other things related to the coronavirus as well.

De Blasio recently announced that New York City’s public schools would be revising its grading system for most of its students for the duration of the pandemic.

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Two Men Found Dead on NYC Subway

Two men who were believed to be homeless were found dead on the New York City subway trains in less than 24 hours this past weekend.

The first incident took place Friday night at the 168th St. station in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. The New York Police Department (NYPD) said that transit workers discovered a dead 56-year-old man on a C train while at the station.

The second incident took place Saturday morning around 8:20 a.m., when a rider called 911 after finding an unresponsive body. When emergency medical services (EMS) responders arrived, they found 61-year-old Robert Mangual dead on the floor of the 4 train at Brooklyn’s Utica Avenue station.

A spokesperson for the city medical examiner’s office said Monday that a cause of death has not been determined for either man.

In a similar incident last month, a 62-year-old man was found dead on a subway train near the Astoria section of Queens.

Subway ridership has gone down more than 90 percent due to the coronavirus, but there has been an increase in homeless people using subway cars as a shelter during the pandemic.

This has prompted the city to shut down its subways between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. starting May 6 for disinfecting.

“Our customers should not have to board a car that’s being used as a shelter,” Acting New York City Transit President Sarah Feinberg said last week.

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