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Trump Designates Houses of Worship as Essential, Orders US Governors to Reopen Them NOW – NewsWars

US President Donald Trump has declared that churches, synagogues and mosques are ‘essential’ establishments. He ordered governors to allow them to reopen immediately, and threatened to override them if they refuse.

“These are places that hold our society together and keep our people united,” Trump announced at the White House on Friday, adding that it’s “not right” that some states have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential, but mandated that houses of worship remain closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Any governor that has a problem with this can call the president, but will not find understanding, Trump added. If the governors refuse to allow the houses of worship to reopen immediately, this very weekend, “I will override the governors,” he said.

Trump’s announcement comes amid reports that religious communities across several states with Democrat governors have complained they are not being allowed to reopen, even as every state has relaxed the coronavirus quarantines to at least some extent by now.

Both Catholics and Lutherans in Minnesota, for example, appealed to Governor Tim Walz this week to relax the lockdown and signaled they would begin congregating in defiance of his orders.

Lockdown-favoring governors have pointed to the fact that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had not issued guidelines for houses of worship, prompting Trump to order the CDC to do so on Friday.

The president’s critics reacted to the announcement by claiming more people will get the coronavirus and die as a result.

Trump took no questions from the media after making his announcement, but his statement was followed with a presentation by White House Coronavirus Task Force chief Dr. Deborah Birx, showing the downward trend of Covid-19 cases across the US with the exception of Chicago, Los Angeles and the Washington, DC area – all of which remain under lockdown orders.

David Knight interviews Delaware Pastor Andy Stevens laying out the state’s arbitrary & ADDITIONAL restrictions on churches that don’t apply to businesses or other gatherings.

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Is that Big Brother Behind the Medical Mask? Bill Gates to Co-fund South Korean Research of Next-gen Quarantine Methods – NewsWars

South Korea’s biggest telecom firm is banding with Bill Gates to develop next-generation quarantine methods. The $10-million project may stir uncomfortable thoughts in those who suspect the billionaire of having a sinister agenda.

KT, the Seongnam-based multinational giant, plans to use its expertise and access to communications data to identify early and predict the spread of infectious diseases. Smartphones could be used, for example, to measure body temperature with a sensor and to collect other symptoms from a user. And geotracking data helps monitor the migration of people and their contacts.

Over the next three years the company wants to develop AI-based algorithms that will turn such raw data into a system that would give an early warning about an unfolding epidemic. KT also wants a computer model to predict how an infection would spread. The cost of the research, called “A Next Generation Surveillance Study for Epidemic Preparedness,” is 12 billion won ($9.7 million) and half of it will be covered by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, KT announced on Sunday.

The collaboration was first envisioned in 2018 and seriously negotiated since April last year, according to Korean media. The Gates’ foundation reportedly showed particular interest in the research because South Korea has high penetration of 5G smartphones and the infrastructure already in place to enable collection of large amounts of data through them.

“The use of mobile technology and sensors, paired with smart data analysis, can help address some of the challenges countries face in timely and effective response to disease outbreaks,” said Andrew Trister, deputy director of the global health program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill and Melinda Gates are known as vocal advocates of spending more resources on preparing for outbreaks. Both praised South Korea for its response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Some however can’t help but see sinister undertones beyond the philanthropy. Just last week an Italian MP delivered a fierce rant in parliament, calling for the arrest of Bill Gates. Sara Cunial accused the billionaire of masterminding “dictatorial control plans on global politics” and using the current situation to further them.

That view admittedly is not widespread, though the hardships of Covid-19 lockdowns seem to fuel all sorts of connect-the-dots sort of thinking. 5G technology has won a place among coronavirus conspiracy theories that have even led to several reported vandalism attacks on mobile towers in the UK.

The investment made be the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation into the South Korean surveillance-for-public-health program may raise legitimate concerns about the privacy and safety of personal medical data.

Your life just went from non fiction to science fiction.

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Oops! FBI Accidentally Reveals Name of Saudi Diplomat who Helped 9/11 Hijackers after Years of ‘national security’ Stonewalling – NewsWars

The FBI has accidentally revealed the name of a Saudi official believed to have aided two Al-Qaeda hijackers involved in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, after going to absurd lengths to keep it secret for years.

The name was unintentionally left unredacted in a court filing unsealed last week in the ongoing lawsuit by 9/11 victims’ families against the Saudi government, which they accuse of complicity in the terrorist attacks. The ‘error’ was reported by Yahoo News on Tuesday – at which point the Justice Department withdrew the filing, refusing to comment on how the mistake had been made.

But the filing – a declaration by FBI assistant director for counterterrorism Jill Sanborn – had already been seen, and there was no putting the cat back in the bag: the name of Mussaed Ahmed al-Jarrah, a mid-level official in the Saudi Foreign Ministry assigned to the embassy in Washington, DC during 1999 and 2000, is now public knowledge. The catastrophic fallout for national security that the Trump, Obama, and Bush administrations implied would come from releasing Jarrah’s name has not materialized, though a spokesperson for the victims’ families was livid.

“This shows there is a complete government cover-up of the Saudi involvement,” spokesman Brett Eagleson told Yahoo on Tuesday, explaining Jarrah’s involvement speaks to “a hierarchy of command that’s coming from the Saudi Embassy to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs [in Los Angeles] to the hijackers.”

“This is a giant screwup.”

Jarrah is believed to have directed two other Saudi nationals, radical cleric Fahad al-Thumairy and suspected Saudi intelligence agent Omar al-Bayoumi, to set two of the hijackers up with an apartment in Los Angeles, bank accounts, and plenty of money. While Thumairy and Bayoumi’s names have been declassified since 2016, when the infamous “28 pages” redacted from the 9/11 Commission Report were finally released to the public, the name of the man who had “tasked” them with essentially babysitting the hijackers had remained a state secret.

Indeed, the agency went to almost cartoonish lengths to suppress Jarrah’s name, stonewalling the victims’ families for years in court. In September, the lawyers for the families were finally permitted to see the long-redacted name, but only if they promised not to reveal it to their clients or the public. Adding insult to injury, Attorney General William Barr filed a motion that same day to declare all other material they were seeking to be “state secrets,” which would place it permanently off-limits.

In a colossal irony, Sanborn’s declaration was supposed to support Barr’s “state secrets” claim that Jarrah’s name and the rest of the information the victims’ families want released would cause “significant harm to national security” if unleashed on the public. Other affected material includes “interview reports, telephone and bank records, source reporting documents and foreign government information.” Barr and acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell have insisted that declassifying the files would reveal “sources and methods” of intelligence collection and make foreign governments less willing to collaborate with the FBI.

The families of the 9/11 victims were finally able to sue Saudi Arabia in 2016 alleging the Kingdom provided material support for the attacks after Congress overrode then-President Barack Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. Previously, Riyadh had been protected by sovereign immunity. The Kingdom has strenuously denied any involvement in the attacks.

The Justice Department is also facing a legal challenge from the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, which sued last year alleging the US Attorney was stonewalling their Grand Jury proceedings. Several victims’ families and the Franklin Square-Munson Fire Department have also joined that suit.

Coronavirus Equals New 9/11 in Planetary Dictatorship Plan

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