AWFUL! Chicago Tribune Labels All of the “Open Illinois” Protesters “Nazis” in First Line of News Report after Friday Rally

As we reported on Sunday protesters gathered in Chicago for an “Open Illinois” protest on Friday.
At the same time the communists came out for the annual May Day protests nearby.

The turnout for the Open Illinois protest dwarfed the communist rally.

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Documentary filmmaker Andrew Marcus caught all the action of the dueling rallies.

When you watch the video the only cop-hating, profanity is, of course, coming from the communists.
There is even a woman who lived under Communist Poland with the freedom protesters!

On Sunday the Chicago Tribune wrote about the rally in the food section(?) — THE TRIB LABELED ALL OF THE FREEDOM PROTESTERS “NAZIS” IN THE OPENING LINE!

In the first sentence!
If you oppose the over-bearing governor you are a “Nazi!”

The Chicago Tribune ONLY corrected their article after the’Open Illinois” Chicago rally organizer confronted them about the disgusting insult!

Here is the updated Tribune article.

So, now the media is calling Americans who want to go back to work to support their families “Nazis.”
This is why no one trusts the mainstream media any more.

The Gateway Pundit spoke with Tina McVuke one of the organizers for Friday’s rally. She responded directly to the Tribune about their irresponsible smear online.

Tina McVuke, who appears in the video above, told us the Chicago Tribune owes the “Open Illinois” protesters an apology. Governor Pritzker is feeling pressure and getting pushback the last few weeks so naturally the the left digs into their bag of tricks and pulls out the old “Nazi” approach.

Tina and the Chicago business owners and workers are planning another protest soon.

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