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Baylor-Houston Game Postponed Due to Contact Tracing, Not Positive Coronavirus Tests

Baylor-Houston Game Postponed Due to Contact Tracing, Not Positive Coronavirus Tests

Saturday’s Baylor-Houston game has become a victim of COVID-19 only 24 hours before kickoff, after contact tracing found someone connected to the team who tested positive for the virus.

According to Sic’Em365.com, the positive test would have left the Baylor Bears without a significant portion of one of its positions making it unsafe to play.

Baylor felt forced to recommend the postponement due to local government guidelines concerning contact tracing for players and staffers. The team reiterated that no team member tested positive for Wuhan virus and that it was an extended association with someone outside the team that forced the determination.

The Big 12 conference requires all teams to test three times per person during a game week to ensure they are virus-free.

“Per a release on Sept. 14,” the site reported, “Baylor’s athletic department has had 88 positive tests across multiple sports since the beginning of June. Of those, six were currently active, including two asymptomatic cases and four symptomatic. According to the release, a total of 23 athletes and staff members across all sports were being monitored for potential cases.

“The loss of this game is a devastating blow, but in the interest of the health and safety of our student-athletes, we believe we made the necessary decision,” Baylor athletic director Mack B. Rhoades said in a statement according to CBS Sports. “We are incredibly disappointed with the continued delay to the start of our season, and empathize with our student-athletes, fans, coaches, and administrative staff. We are grateful for the support and understanding of the University of Houston, athletic director Chris Pezman, and chancellor Khator. We look forward to a future home and home match-up.”

The Big 12 program and the American Athletic Conference agreed to launch their 2020seasons only last weekend. But they had already lost games against Louisiana Tech and Memphis over coronavirus concerns.

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