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Best Christmas Polymer Clay Ornaments

Every year it’s the same. We walk into Walgreens and I say “Those ornaments look pretty,” and my partner just shrugs her shoulders. “We don’t need to buy ornaments, she says, “we can make our own.” And we have every year we’ve been together. It’s a tradition I’ve always been apprehensive about—I consider myself crafty but only with words—but every year, it’s always way more fun than I remember it being, and we’re left with a collection of differently-made one of a kind ornaments to decorate our tree with.

This year, we used polymer clay to make mini-food sculptures of our favorite foods we eat together—some foods we haven’t been able to eat (as much of) this year because of the pandemic. It was really easy to do, and that’s coming from someone with no visual artistic ability. If you think I made the one in the photo, that’s laughable, but I will say, I had some pretty good ones (a pretzel that looked almost like the real thing). The pack comes with 24 different colors of clay, sculpting tools, and hooks so you can thread a string through whatever you make and hang it on the tree. All you do is shape it how you want it, bake it in the oven for 15 minutes, and let it cool before slinging it across the highest bow.

It’s a great activity for kids while they’re home, or big kids who want to feel a little nostalgic. And besides, there’s no question that whatever you make will turn out better than those typical, run-of-the-mill Christmas Balls, you might consider instead.

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