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Best First Aid Kit for Small Emergencies from Welly

Best First Aid Kit for Small Emergencies from Welly

I wouldn’t say that I’m accident prone. Clumsy is a bit of a stretch, too. But there’s not a week that passes that I don’t need a BandAid. My hands move quicker than my brain, in broad strokes that often end with me breaking nails or slipping with a knife. This means I must have bandages in my house at all times. I’ve stocked and restocked boxes of the plain, flesh colored bandages until I was sent a Welly First Aid Kit.

Yes, I’m a total sucker for packaging, but these days, anything that’s both fun and function brings me a great sense of joy. Unlike the traditional white and red boxes of yesteryear, the Welly First Aid box is all bells and whistles. Inside the brightly colored container is a plethora of personal aid treasures, from bandages to disinfectant. The individually wrapped, sterile bandages have fun and funky patterns like tie dye and flora and are uniquely shaped to wrap easily around appendages. Even the larger bandages get a sprucing up. Inside, you’ll find 48 standard fabric bandages, 30 small fabric bandages, three large, and a dozen waterproof ones, as well. There’s an entire roll of tape, non-stock pads, wound prep pads, butterfly strips, antibiotic and Hydrocortisone packets, and even some Ibuprofen. It’s an all-in-one First Aid kit that was made for 2021. It’s all neatly organized and easy to find just what you’re looking for.

First Aid kits aren’t meant to be exciting, but adding a little color to a painful experience can make it a little bit easier to deal with. And that’s something we could all use right now.

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