Best Gifts For People You Aren’t Seeing This Year

Not going home for the holidays? Me neither. There are a lot of people I’d usually see around this time, but this year, I won’t be. And I’ve been trying to come up with good presents for them, one’s that are easy to ship, but more importantly, will make them and me feel like we’re together, in some way, shape, or form. If you’re on the same quest, we’ve done some research, and rounded up some of the best gifts for people you usually see during the holidays, but won’t be seeing this year.

Framebridge makes it easy to frame and cherish memories. Just upload a photo of you all together, and have it shipped to them, in a frame. The best part—this one is an ornament that they can pull out year after year to remember this crazy one we’ve all been through.

Personalized 500 Piece Puzzle

Or, instead of a picture, you could go a more non-traditional route. If you upload a picture of your face or you all together, they’ll make a personalized puzzle you can have sent to them. It’ll be like you’re all spending time together, well, sort of.

Winter Solstice Collection

Winter Solstice Collection $65 What’s better than sitting around a tree? Succulents they’ll barely have to take care of, delivered straight to their door that’ll help liven the place up a bit. Bloomscape offers just that, and makes it easy on you, too.

Although you might not be able to sit around the fireplace together this year, you can each have a tiny, miniature fire in your home with the gift of this FLIKR fireplace. It’s made of concrete and is safe to cook marshmallows over. It uses rubbing alcohol to create a safe flame, too.

I’m in love with East Fork’s pottery, and their mug might just be the best one you can possibly own. It comes in several different colors, holds 10 ounces comfortably, and will be a mug they cherish possibly forever.

Opaline Heart Gemstone Soap

Just because we’re all hanging out inside, we should be clean. This handmade soap has a touch of flare to it, as it has an opaline heart embedded in it. You can leave it in or take it out, but it’ll be there’s to keep.

You can’t have a meal together, but you can still give them one they’ll remember for a lifetime. Goldbelly has teamed up with Momofuku to send delicious boxes that are easy to reheat and serve up. This 12-Pack of Pork Buns will make them miss you even more — and who knows, maybe they’ll return the favor.

I love incense and if someone bought me this, I’d be very happy. It’s a nice touch for holiday decor or winter decor—too woodspeople, smoking pipes, emanating sweet aromas throughout the household. Maybe you buy one for yourself and gift the other one and they can be reunited next year. Just a thought.

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