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Best Ice Makers

I’ll say it: the most important summer essential is ice. You can go swimming, eat ice cream, do all of that fun summer stuff, but at the end of the day, you need to stay hydrated, and there’s nothing like drinking a cold glass of water or just chewing on some frozen ice cubes to cool off But with that said, there is no worse feeling than being parched, walking up to the freezer, and realizing you are out of ice. Thankfully, ice makers exist. They’re small, portable, and can produce ice in about eight minutes. So you never run out of ice, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ice makers.


This ice maker is portable, convenient, and compact, so it can fit on your countertop with ease, or you can tuck it away easily until you need it again. Don’t worry about the size though, this still can hold two pounds of ice.


hOmeLabs Portable Ice Machine

For the more eco-conscious out there, ice makers do use quite a bit of energy. But this one not only achieves a low noise level (very important), it also has a powerful compressor that uses low energy to cool. It also comes with an ice basket and scoop.


If you’re in dire need of ice (aren’t we all?) this ice machine will whip you up a batch of nine ice cubes in just six minutes. This one also is pretty quiet, sleek, and easy to install, so you can get things icy without much effort on your part.


This ice machine is the easiest to use. It has intuitive controls, a light monitor to inform you if it needs more water, if the ice bucket is full, and plenty of other things to help you monitor the process and ensure your ice is actually going to come out.

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