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Best Men’s Exercise Shorts

Most years, summer signals a return to shorts. My favorite shorts to wear are exercise shorts. They’re comfortable, lightweight, sweat wicking for when it’s hot outside, and I can go right from working at home to exercising in no time. Because this year is the summer of exercise shorts, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites to help you find a pair you love, too. 

Outdoor Voices Rektrek Shorts

Ten Thousand Session Shorts

The Session Shorts are what shorts should feel like. “After wearing the Session Shorts for a few workouts, I became acutely aware of the flaws all of my other shorts possessed. I began to realize that my older pairs of shorts would leave red marks on my skin, or give me an uncomfortable amount of wedgies (sorry, it’s true). The Session Shorts have fit like a dream from the first time I wore them to the last, and the fabric is soft, durable, sweat wicking, breathable, anti-chafe and odor-free.”

This lightweight short from Lululemon is an excellent option. They have four-way stretch technology, are sweat-wicking, and can come with either a five inch inseam or a seven inch inseam. They are designed for yoga, which means they offer excellent flexibility and range of motion, so you’ll never feel restricted.

Nike makes an excellent pair of shorts. These are specifically designed for running, but they are lightweight and made from a woven fabric with increased breathability and sweat-wicking properties. The soft brief liner provides support where you need it, which is important, whether you’re running or not.

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