Best Moldable Glue for Home Fixes and Improvement

I can’t put my finger on why, but after a while a lot of the cords on my electronics start to fray. Whether it’s a phone charger, or any charger really, an HDMI cable, or anything else, it inevitably happens. After maybe a year of use, the little rubber lining rips and exposed wires are all over the place. I try to power through it (no pun intended) most of the time, but that’s probably not a good idea or very safe. The only solution I was aware of was just giving in and buying a new cord — or so I thought. Enter: Sugru.

Owning a packet of Sugru Moldable Glue is like having a secret superpower. Out of the packet, the glue feels like Play-Doh, soft and pliable, easily maneuvered. You can mold it by hand into any shape but don’t dawdle too much, once you take it out of the packet, you only have 30 minutes to spare before it begins to set. After about 12-24 hours (depending on how thick you’ve made it) the putty sets and hardens. There it becomes shock resistant and tough. Is it unbreakable? I haven’t been able to break it as of yet.

Sugru is great for fixing wires because it’s shock resistant, but it can also be used to create custom grips for your pots or really, anything. You can use it to fix shoes, to fill cracks in your home, to mount fixtures without drilling holes, and plenty more. It’s like Command Strips, but more versatile, and definitely more fun. The glue comes in several different colors so you can have it blend into your walls or wires, or stand out, it’s up to you. My one word of warning is this: keep them in the fridge when you’re not using them, otherwise they might dry out. 

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