Best Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Best Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

I think proper drinkware is essential. You have to have a good rocks glass (clear preferably), a good highball, and wine glasses are a must. And even though we’re all cooped up, that doesn’t mean you should stop doing things the way they were meant to be done. A Moscow Mule, a popular beverage, deserves a copper mug. Not only will it make them colder, it will transport you to your favorite bar, where you’d laugh with friends, and will just make your drink that much more special. To help out, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite mugs, so you can get sippin’. 


Cocktail Kingdom Moscow Mule Mugs

Cocktail Kingdom makes some of my favorite drinkware, and these Moscow Mule cups are no different. Complete with tall looping handles, these skip the classic hammered look for a smooth, copper finish that I love. You can drink anything out of them, but a Moscow Mule would be pretty perfect.


If copper just isn’t your thing, but you love a good Mule, these are for you. These gold mugs have a little thumbprint perfect for holding, and the spotted pattern is irresistible.


Set of 2 Mugs with Shot Glass

These traditional mugs come with a shot glass. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m not judging anyone. The pure copper will help lock in the drink’s coolness, no matter how hot it gets outside.


These mugs come with little copper straws that are so cute. Better yet, it comes with a little recipe booklet and a shot glass, and it all comes in a cute little gift box. If you know someone who’s been drinking a lot of mules lately with the wrong drinkware, this would make an excellent gift.


My favorite part about these mugs is that it comes with a matching jigger. No more will you have to guess out the proportions of your mule. Now you can measure exactly how much goes in, so they’ll come out tasty every time.

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