Best New Launches from Floyd, Truff, Tuft & Needle, and More

New Kids on the Block helps you navigate all the new and exciting launches from our favorite brands, all in one place.

Floyd x Fully Standing Desk: One of our favorite furniture companies has teamed up with our favorite standing desk brand to make an absolute masterpiece. Not only do you get the function Fully brings to the table (no pun intended), you get FLOYD’s killer design sense, too. This standing desk is a must if you haven’t gotten one yet.

Floyd x Fully Standing Desk

Uniqlo Recycled Down Jackets: You know what’s better than a down jacket? A recycled down jacket. All of the down and feather from these products came from 620,000 down jackets collected from customers, which have now been transformed into these beautiful pieces you’ll want to wear all winter long.

Truff Pasta Sauce: Our favorite hot sauce brand has ventured into pasta sauce and let me tell you, it is delicious. They make two sauces right now, an original with black truffles and an arrabiata spicy sauce. Both will outshine any pasta you put them on.

Tuft & Needle x Calm Meditation Cushion: I’m really excited about this collab and it’s one we could all use these days. Whether you have a meditation practice or not, you’ve heard of Calm, the app that helps you be mindful. Well, now you can pair that app with the most comfortable cushion out there made by my favorite mattress company. Sit back, and just relax.

Tuft & Needle x Calm Meditation Cushion

Hedley & Bennett x Madewell Apron: I don’t know about you but there is about to be a lot of holiday cooking going on in my kitchen. I’ll likely be wearing my favorite apron around the clock. Hedley & Bennett and Madewell partnered on some beautifully designed aprons to get you through the holiday season in style. These look like Madewell jumpsuits only better— they have pockets galore.

Hedley & Bennett x Madewell Apron

The Hybrid Pot: Proclamation Goods’ Duo is a masterclass is space saving design, with stackable pots that you can really use for just about everything. Well, if you just want one of these stainless steel pots, you can now get them separately. The Hybrid Pot deep enough to cook up to two pounds of pasta, wide enough to roast a chicken, and durable enough to deep fry.

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