Biden Calls A Lid On Damning Hunter Texts – NewsWars

Joe Biden has called it a lid on the rest of his campaign.

That’s right! In a pitiful historical move, Joe Biden will not be campaigning to a smattering of people honking in their cars in the last week before election Tuesday.

Now, text message evidence has emerged revealing Joe Biden knew about claims that Hunter Biden was “sexually inappropriate” with a minor.

The texts detail a mother accusing Hunter Biden of inappropriate contact with her child and told Joe Biden the police would be called if Hunter came near the minor again.

Joe’s brother Jim sent a text to Hunter with a plan to silence the mother.

The child in question is allegedly a relative of Joe and Hunter.

Apparently, a lot has been transpiring behind the scenes as Joe Biden juggles a corruption scandal, a potential child abuse coverup, and a Presidential campaign simultaneously.

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