Biden Campaign Can’t Resist Making a Last-Minute Play for Texas, Georgia

Biden Campaign Can’t Resist Making a Last-Minute Play for Texas, Georgia

As former Vice President Joe Biden rides consistently high in national polls and internal numbers indicate that red-leaning states are tantalizingly close to abandoning President Donald Trump in next week’s election, the Democratic nominee’s campaign is feeling the same rush that Clinton did—and they’re going for it.

With only seven days until Election Day, the Biden campaign has announced a rash of in-person campaign appearances in states that haven’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in decades, even generations. Dr. Jill Biden is headed to Macon and Savannah on Monday; Biden himself will be in Atlanta the next day; and Sen. Kamala Harris will be in multiple cities in Texas—yes, that Texas—on Friday.

“The bottom line is we’re focusing on every state,” Sen. Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, told a press pooler in Detroit on Sunday when asked if the campaign should be pursuing reach states instead of going all-in on the Rust Belt. “We are working to earn the vote of every American, regardless of where they live.”

Ever since Election Night 2016 annihilated their confidence in polls, pundits and the left-leaning information ecosystem that had assured them that victory was in the bag, Democrats have been terrified of repeating Hillary Clinton’s perceived fatal error of neglecting the industrial Midwest in favor of expanding the electoral map. If Republicans have been lulled into a potentially false sense of security that the polls in 2020 will be just as wrong as the polls in 2016, Democrats are anxious to the point of post-traumatic stress about the same thing.

Internally, part of the strategy behind deploying the campaign’s most important principals to states that would have been laughably out of reach for any Democrat in recent cycles is to expand the so-called “Road to 270” to include as many routes as possible. Although the Biden campaign has been candid that its most likely path to electoral victory is by winning back the so-called “Blue Wall” states in the Rust Belt—Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—the pursuit of other electoral strategies removes the pressure from making the industrial Midwest a must-win.

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