Biden Forgets Where He’s Traveling to Tomorrow So His Handlers Quickly Swoop in to Save the Day (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden emerged from his basement on Monday after taking the entire weekend off from campaigning but he appeared confused and tired when approached by reporters.

Biden’s press team announced he will be in Florida on Tuesday for two separate events.

This is the first time Joe Biden is visiting Florida since he decided to hide in his basement more than 6 months ago.

Biden will be holding a veterans roundtable event in Tampa then he will head over to Kissimmee to pander to the Latino community.

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The events are so important to Biden that he forgot where he was going.

“You guys voted early today?” a reporter asked Biden.

“Because I’m gonna be in..where am I tomorrow,” said Biden as he turned toward his wife Jill and other handlers.

Jill and his handlers quickly swooped in: “We’re traveling….Florida!”

“I’m traveling tomorrow,” Biden said.


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