Biden Says He Wants to Play in Texas. His Website Makes It Impossible.

Biden Says He Wants to Play in Texas. His Website Makes It Impossible.

Joe Biden’s campaign says it wants to flip Texas

To do that, they have put nominal ad money into the state and publicly emphasized the importance of it. But up through this week, their main digital organizing tool for getting volunteers coordinated there was being hampered by what was chalked up as either a technical mistake or an operational work-in-progress. 

Searches for campaign-sanctioned events through the Biden online organizing page in major areas like Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso, Plano, Corpus Christi, and Lubbock all came up empty this week, with some results directing individuals to virtual events in nearby states like Arkansas. 

The issue arose between the Biden campaign and the Texas Democratic Party over which so-called “Mobilize” dashboarda third party online search tool used by the Biden campaignshould be employed, the state party said. While there were and are virtual events being planned by the Texas Democratic Party in most of the major cities, they weren’t visible through the Biden campaign’s dashboard, only on the state party’s page,

By Thursday afternoon—after The Daily Beast posed questions to the state party and the campaign about searches coming up with no results—select events did begin to appear under some cities. But many cities continued to show no current or future events even when checking on various browsers and with various users.  

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