Bill Clinton Sleeps Through Biden’s Inauguration Speech – NewsWars

Former President Bill Clinton stole the show during Joe Biden’s inauguration Wednesday, as he was caught dozing off during the new president’s first speech.

Viewers watching the ceremony at home caught a glimpse of the former president nodding off as cameras turned to him, while people around him, including former President George Bush and former Vice President Mike Pence, appear wide-eyed and fully attentive.

Is this is a harbinger of things to come?

Compare Clinton’s unamused demeanor during the inauguration to his visible excitement while he watched Ariana Grande’s performance at Aretha Franklin’s funeral in 2018.

Coincidentally, President Trump’s nickname for Biden was “Sleepy Joe.”

If a former president can’t even stay awake through a ceremonial procession honoring the office of the presidency, how can the rest of America be expected to take Biden seriously?

The Demise Of DC!

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