Bill Gates and Microsoft Gave Smartmatic Voting Machine Application Company an Award Back in 2000

We’ve uncovered that Bill Gates was connected to Smartmatic, the voting machine application company connected to George Soros, much earlier than previously known.  Microsoft gave Smartmatic an award way back in 2000.

We reported that Bill Gates was connected to Smartmatic and its CEO back in 2015.

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The Smartmatic software application was used in the voting machines to steal elections for the dictators running Venezuela and this year in the United States to steal the election away from President Trump:

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But we didn’t realize until today that Gates’ relationship with Smartmatic goes way back to the year 2000.  In a post we found on the Wayback Machine, Smartmatic reported that they received an award from Microsoft:

We uncovered a similar post at Smartmatic at about the same time:

Here is what was noted at the bottom of the press release:

Bill Gates and Microsoft have had a relationship with Smartmatic for 20 years!


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