Bill Maher Exposes the Insanity of Rudy Giuliani’s Hunter Biden Smear Campaign

Bill Maher Exposes the Insanity of Rudy Giuliani’s Hunter Biden Smear Campaign

On Friday night, Real Time host Bill Maher weighed in on Trump’s unhinged, sweaty, hour-long ragefest on NBC Thursday with Savannah Guthrie, wherein the president defended the batshit-insane conspiracy theory QAnon, which claims that the Democrats and Hollywood are killing and raping babies (and extracting their fear for medicine), as well as his decision to retweet another wacky conspiracy theory about the bin Laden raid.

“The Trump one was just amazing,” offered Maher. “Trump defended retweeting this crazy conspiracy theory—did you see this?—about how bin Laden wasn’t really killed by Obama, because of course Obama never could do anything good so he couldn’t do that, it was a body double. And then Obama had SEAL Team Six murdered to cover it up. Trump defended this, which led to an undecided voter from Bridgeport, Connecticut, ask a follow-up question: Are you on bath salts?

But the main focus of Maher’s monologue was the incredibly sketchy “October Surprise” courtesy of the New York Post, Rudy Giuliani, and maybe the Russians, alleging that Joe Biden’s troubled son, Hunter, had inappropriate contacts with officials from China and Ukraine.

“It’s getting so crazy. The ‘October surprise’ that the Trump people have now… have you seen this? It’s Hunter Biden’s laptop. Joe Biden’s ne’er-do-well son, Hunter, has this laptop which apparently had incriminating evidence—maybe stuff about influence-peddling on it—that was contained in his emails. And apparently, according to this, Hunter was trading on his name, selling access to his father, accepting money for nothing—what Don Jr. calls living the dream,” explained Maher.

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