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Bill Maher Mocks Republicans Tom Cotton and Matt Gaetz Over Antifa Hysteria

Bill Maher Mocks Republicans Tom Cotton and Matt Gaetz Over Antifa Hysteria

On Friday night, Bill Maher returned to his HBO show Real Time and offered solidarity with protesters during his monologue, conceding that the police had clearly gone too far not only when it comes to brutalizing black bodies but their aggressive, violent, escalatory tactics against protesters.

Later, the political satirist took issue with Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) and his outrageous op-ed in The New York Times effectively calling for the president to declare war on protesting civilians by sending in the military to strike them down. The piece, surely part of a 14-year vendetta that the conservative lawmaker has held against the Times, received widespread backlash from not only the public but Times’ staffers, who (rightfully) felt it endangered the lives of black reporters in the field.

“Let me quote Tom Cotton. He’s a senator, he went to Harvard, he’s a real person. He said, ‘Let’s see how tough these Antifa terrorists’—they’re terrorists now—‘are when facing the 101st Airborne.’ He’s running the 101st Airborne out there as a talking point!” exclaimed Maher. “Matt Gaetz, you know this guy? That congressman from Florida who always looks like he’s saying, ‘Eat it, nerd!’ He says, ‘Now that we can clearly see Antifa as terrorists, can we hunt them down like we do those in the Middle East.’”

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