Bin Laden’s Niece Doubles Down on Trump Endorsement in Emotional Letter

Last week, in an interview with the New York Post, Noor bin Laden, the 33-year-old niece of deceased al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, endorsed President Trump and warned that another 9/11-style terrorist attack was possible if former Vice President Joe Biden won the presidency.

Noor bin Laden, the self-described “American at heart” who raised eyebrows last week by making an impassioned endorsement of Donald Trump, has published “My Letter to America,” a new appeal in which she has lists ways she believes Trump has “made the world a much safer place.”

The letter, posted on Noor’s website, makes no mention of her family’s native Saudi Arabia (she was born in Switzerland in 1987), but praises Trump’s Middle East policy, saying that he “has solidified ties with Israel, overturned the disastrous Iran deal, obliterated ISIS*, took down other key terrorists, and facilitated a historic peace deal between Israel and the UAE.”

Bin Laden also praises Trump’s policy of ‘standing up to China’, keeping the US out of new wars, and making “Europe comply with their NATO requirements.”

Complimenting “American exceptionalism” and the US’s supposed status as a “beacon of democracy and hope for all subjugated peoples over the past two centuries,” Noor says she has been “heartbroken” by the recent Black Lives Matter anti-racism and police violence protests, suggesting that an “entire generation of Americans” had been “successfully brainwashed into hating the very nation that has yielded the most freedom, justice and equality anywhere in the world.”

Saying that an effort to see the “undoing of America has been decades in the making,” Noor warns that “the globalists, Deep State, swamp, whichever name you call them, have been hard at work to weaken America’s sovereignty and standing as world leader,” and suggests that these institutions seek to replace ‘a government for the people by the people’ with “a world order of international institutions ultimately puppeteered by a caste of technocrats, oligarchs and international bankers.”

Arguing that “these nefarious forces have done everything in their power” to try to stop Trump from “reversing past administrations’ destructive policies,” bin Laden says that so far, they’ve failed.

“With President Trump at her helm, America stands a chance at restoring her principles, pride, independence and true place in the world as beacon of liberty and hope for all,” Noor writes.

But “all the above achievements will  be torpedoed with a Biden/Harris Presidency, and the dream of America’s enemies to see her weak and on her knees would be fulfilled,” she adds.

“America, you are at the very edge of the precipice. Please wake up! Take hold! Fight for your country, and be proud of your roots!” Noor pleads. “We need you to stay the course, America. You are our last safeguard from an imminent civilizational collapse and if you lose, all humanity loses.”

Noor bin Laden, daughter of Yeslam bin Laden, Osama bin Laden’s wealthy older half-brother, first made headlines last week after giving an interview to the New York Post in which she gave a ringing endorsement of Trump and suggested that only he could prevent another 9/11.

Yeslam and Osama are the children of Mohammed bin Laden, a Saudi royalty-connected businessman who fathered over 50 children in his lifetime.

Noor’s mother, Carmen Dufour, is a Swiss national.

* aka Daesh, a radical Sunni Wahabbi terrorist organization outlawed in Russia and many other countries.

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