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Bizarre Musical Ending to DNC Faces Ridicule – NewsWars

Twitter users reacted to yesterday’s Democratic National Convention by suggesting the bizarre musical performance that ended the show looked like something out of a Saturday Night Live skit.

The duo of Billy Porter and Stephen Stills appeared for a “virtual performance” of the protest song “For What It’s Worth,” and as you can see from the video, the word “cringeworthy” doesn’t even being to cover it.

The spectacle resembled a comedy skit from Saturday Night Live or something that looks like it belongs in the next episode of South Park with its over the top pretentious theatrics and insipid virtue signaling.

Even progressive commentators like Kyle Kulinski were embarrassed at the sight, with the Secular Talk host remarking, “The moment Trump won re-election.”

The performance looked even more absurd because Stills and Porter were not in the same room. Due to coronavirus ‘social distancing’ they were both superimposed over a video background, making the whole thing look like some tacky 80’s music video.

“Legit the most out of touch thing I’ve ever seen,” said another respondent.

“Oh dear God this is like a Will Ferrell sketch,” remarked another.

“Looked like a bad 80’s video,” said another.

However, one person who did enjoy the performance was former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, who said, “I disagree. I liked this.”

And that tells you everything.

Meanwhile, the whole event didn’t seem too popular with potential voters on YouTube.

Views across the board were quite frankly pathetic.


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