Black Man Randomly Knocks Out White Man With Brick – NewsWars

Horrific footage out of Baltimore shows a black man hurling a brick at the head of an unsuspecting white man on the street, knocking him unconscious.

The video, reportedly uploaded on Monday with the caption “white lives don’t matter”, shows the black man sneaking up behind the white man and bashing in his head with a brick, knocking him unconscious as he keels over in the sidewalk.

Unsurprisingly, Instagram initially determined the violent hate crime video did not go against its Community Standards.

However, after some pushback, it appears the original uploader removed the video, but a screenshot of his captions is available.

The identity and condition of the victim remains unknown as of this writing.

As we’ve reported, senseless crime has skyrocketed in the inner cities since the Black Lives Matter riots erupted over the death of George Floyd in May.

The United States continues to burn to the ground on the Democrat’s watch. And while millions of Americans remained silent, Patriot Prayer stood their ground.

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