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Buck Mason Deck Shorts Are Perfect for Summer

This is the summer of shorts. Because I don’t have to go into the office at the moment, and because it also happens to be very hot, shorts are my go to. I have been wearing plenty of running shorts (I find them to be the comfiest), but after wearing them for months now, I kind of feel like I should broaden my horizons. Thankfully, the brand responsible for making my favorite T-shirts out there just launched a new pair of shorts

The first thing any pair of shorts should be is comfortable. If they’re not, it kind of defeats the purpose of wearing shorts to begin with. The new Buck Mason Deck Shorts tick that box right away. Made from a soft cotton blend with a little spandex thrown in, these shorts sit above the knee and have a nice elastic waistband with a drawstring that makes taking them on and off easy. They fit like your favorite pair of chinos: perfectly. The shorts come in five muted and basic colors that will go with anything, have three pockets and they are machine washable. But the best thing about them by far is this: they are also secretly swim trunks. That’s right, they are quick drying and move with you thanks to the elastic, and are lightweight so they aren’t too heavy to swim in. That is, if you choose to swim in them. You could wear them anywhere and no one would ever suspect them of being swim trunks — it’ll be your little secret.

Because these shorts are comfortable, stylish, and have a mysterious side, I think they are the perfect short for this summer. Even better, they look excellent with one of my favorite T-shirts from the brand, too. 

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