Calls to inspect army facilities, free them from detainees

Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) on Sunday requested that an inspection be carried out at the Rapid Support Forces (RSF)'s facilities, Arabi21 report.

The SPA, which led the demonstrations that ousted President Omar Al-Bashir, called for the formation of a joint committee from the Public Prosecution and Bar Association to inspect the facilities of the RSF in order to make sure there are no civilian detainees inside them.

According to the Sudan Tribune, the SPA's message to Attorney General Taj al-Sir Ali al-Haber and Justice Minister Nasruddin Abdul-Bari called for all the detainees held by the RSF to be handed over to the police because the RSF's detention of civilians is illegal.

The SPA also called for the joint committee, which should be formed, to review the status of the RSF and work to merge it into the Sudanese National Army.

This comes after revelations that civilians had died while in RSF custody. The government has since lifted immunity from several members of the armed body in an effort to ensure perpetrators are brought to justice.

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