Candle Tunnelling

Candle tunnelling is the phenomenon of candles burning down in a tunnel around the wick, rather than burning down evenly across the entire top surface.

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Tunnelling occurs if, the very first time the candle was burned, it wasn’t allowed to melt all the wax on top. This creates a “memory ring” in the wax. The candle will subsequently tunnel down this ring.

The solution, therefore, is to make sure the ‘first burn’ is done correctly. According to

Our biggest recommendation for the first burn, is to make sure that the pool of melted wax reaches the edges of your candle before you snuff the flame. We generally aim for the wax pool to be about 1cm deep at the edges before we put it out.
How long this takes depends on the diameter of the candle.

I realize now that I’ve been burning candles wrong my entire life.

I learned about this phenomenon via tywkiwdbi.

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