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Censored by Russian Government: Election America, a Perfect Storm of Corruption and Mayhem – Veterans Today

This article was considered too controversial by the Russian Government and was ordered censored.  It was submitted to New Eastern Outlook on August 25, 2020.

See the story, the Falwells at an “alleged” Trump owned swingers club in Miami, normally only for Russian gangsters…great video:

By Gordon Duff

Did Donald Trump gain the presidency of the United States through blackmailing Jerry Falwell, until hours ago leader of America’s evangelical community, to support a “mobbed up pornographer?”

We are going to be looking at this question and others.

With the opening of the Republican Convention, the “electoral season” in the US steps into high gear.  Every overt act by the regime in Washington will have one purpose, to manipulate media, create fake threats and divide and frighten the American people.

“Tranny Trump”

This is the norm, or has been, we saw it with Nixon, with Reagan, with Bush 43 but Trump will take it “over the top.”

Anyone who thinks Reagan’s “October Surprise” was a fantasy has forgotten their history.  47 top Reagan officials were convicted of schemes that sold weapons to Iran though Israel while taking payment in tons of cocaine, leading to the “crack epidemic” that is credited with destroying America’ cities.  From Michael Ruppert, affiliated with the founders of Veterans Today from its roots in the early 1990s:

“And the key to proving that CIA intended for blacks to receive the drugs which virtually destroyed their communities lies in the twofold approach, of proving that they brought the drugs in and interfered with law enforcement – AND that, by virtue of CIA’s relationships with the academic and medical communities, they knew exactly what the end result would be. Knowing that, we then have a mountain of proof, especially since the release of volume II of the CIA’s Inspector General’s Report (10/98) that the CIA specifically intended and achieved a desired result.

For anyone not familiar with the ways in which CIA studies and manipulates emerging social and political trends I cannot encourage strongly enough a reading of The Secret Team by L. Fletcher Prouty, Col., USAF (ret.).

This article is a start, a beginning on the painful work that needs to be done to build a class-action lawsuit. Such a suit, by necessity, will have to include room for all the whites, Asians and Latinos who also fell prey to cocaine addiction. But this article should convince any reader that the argument is solid – and winnable. I thank Gary Webb and Orange County Weekly reporter Nick Schou for giving me the missing pieces I had waited nineteen years to find.”

Gary Webb died under mysterious circumstances and Ruppert himself was forced to leave the US and go into hiding in Canada and eventually Venezuela.

The case for Reagan’s presidency starting with a CIA rigged election is extremely strong.  Similarly, Bush 43 lost a popular vote but won what had been the most corrupt election in American history under similar circumstances.

He spent 8 years feeding wars, stealing massive amounts of oil, and ended bankrupting the US on behalf of the European cartel that controls the Federal Reserve.

Trump, however, has “trumped” them all.

An American president threatened with criminal prosecution is something dangerous.  Only in America can someone utterly unqualified gain control of a military force capable of destroying the entire planet.

There is nothing new in Trump’s meltdown but with no media to rely on, no truthtellers capable of penetrating the censorship wall of Facebook, and Google-YouTube, whatever the truth might be, only world leaders and military/intelligence professionals might know the truth.

In the US, however, military and intelligence “professionals,” the ones in power, are oblivious to truth or reason with rare exceptions and even the rare exception seems no longer to exist.

Comparisons are easy, Nixon tried to save himself by bombing Vietnam “into the stone age” while “W” built a fake wartime presidency while kidnapping and torturing poor farmers and cab drivers from around the Islamic world until they “confessed.”

The war against Syria has made it clear, ISIS is the CIA, so is al Qaeda, they are now, and they were on 9/11 as well.


Those confessions justified the post 9/11 debacle of long planned regime change wars and color revolutions that have become America’s war on the world which today is running at well above full speed with Trump.

Syria and Venezuela are being starved, China and Iran pushed to war and American operatives across Africa are pushing “policy” by building on the CIA’s ISIS and al Qaeda models.  Destroying Africa, the world’s most vulnerable continent is a “next step” after ruining the lives and futures of a billion people in the Middle East and South Asia.

Look at Lebanon, wiped out in seconds with an accident even Trump claims is an act of terrorism, one that didn’t just take down a building or two but rather gutted an entire nation.

The first days of the campaign “high season,” starting with the opening of the Republican convention, saw a number of events that will escape analysts.

That reason is easy, there are no real “analysts” and all findings, all reports, all scholarly papers are pure disinformation, funded by dark money, always the same, American exceptionalism sold as a product, like rancid cheese.

As with most nations, domestic discord and controversy is best settled through false flag terrorism, riots in the streets or fear, be it war, pandemic or the old standby, “liberal communists,” Trump’s favorite.

The first two military confrontations staged by the Trump administration are against Russia and China, with American planes, not surveillance planes but combat aircraft armed with heavy weaponry, making simulated attacks crossing into questionable airspace in both the Baltic and South China Sea.

These escalations directly coincided with Trump’s opening speech at the Republican convention.

Neither Russia nor China responded, which may well bring about something more drastic, perhaps against Russia or China or, as is likely the case, against Iran.

Worse still, a strange incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  There, a police officer shot a man in the back 7 times.  The man was African American of course.  The officer had no body camera but neighbors recorded the incident which was strange in that there was no provocation, no spoken warnings, simply a police officer sticking a gun into the back of an unarmed man as he tried to enter a car with his three children.

As of this writing, Kenosha, Wisconsin is burning but is it?

In discussions very recently with a top Department of Justice official who oversees domestic terrorism investigations the subject of the all-powerful police union was entered into.

Government agencies have solid evidence that political organizations have engaged in criminal conspiracies in support of Trump’s election.

The initial suspicions were that police union officials are working for Russian intelligence, though that seems farfetched.

However, evidence exists that police organizations have been coordinating protest violence, Portland, Minneapolis, certainly Kenosha, with police dressed as “Antifa” activist breaking windows, starting fires and, working with embedded agent provocateurs from right wing political groups, violently confronting police.

Several incidents that involved vehicles ramming protesters, including the dramatic killing of two protesters in Portland by a Jaguar driving speedster, didn’t pass the “sniff test.”

In once case in Minneapolis, the driver of a fuel truck that drove into 2000 protesters was shepherded through roadblocks by police and later released by the same police that assisted him in his terror attack.

The driver was, we are told, a former member of a Ukrainian militia fighting against Donbass separatists but when his name and identify were announced, it seemed that the arrested and released driver was a “ghost.” The real person named was still in Ukraine, alive and well.

Time after time, in incidents like these or previous terror attacks such as the Sandy Hook shooting or the Boston marathon bombing, those responsible either never existed or are tied to CIA backed groups.

The issue here is that the pattern seen in probable false flag terror attacks has reemerged in civil protests as well, both in protest violence and in violent incidents against protesters.

The assumption by the DOJ official was disturbing, that the police that overreact to protests were, in fact, also leading the violence the police were responding to.

It seems that every time a peaceful protest is planned, political operatives working with the police union will plan a violent protest as well.  Stories about pallets of bricks being delivered in advance were confirmed, this isn’t just conspiracy theory and police supervise the unloading.

When rightwing political operatives are arrested posing as Antifa, police have them released, though sometimes carrying the charade into a first court appearance.

Thus, with Kenosha, Wisconsin aflame on a day a political convention begins, a shooting so heinous that the George Floyd incident pales in comparison, evidence is mounting that the police union, working with political operatives, is shooting people down in the streets while media operatives stir up racial hatreds and class divisions.

It hasn’t escaped the eyes of the public that at a time when police might well feel constrained in their normal criminal behaviors, we, in fact, see an increase in brazen killings.

Inciting domestic terrorism is “good business” for police under the threat of defunding.

Then, on the same day, another story broke, one that speaks to the character of evangelical conservatives and their partnership with the Trump White House.

Many American Christians were shocked when Trump, a man with a lifelong history of ties to organized crime, pornography, and sleaze, gained a full following from right wing religious types in the US.

Hypocrisy has always been the norm for rural and backward Christian America, with a culture deeply rooted in racism, slavery, and injustice.

Rural evangelical Christians typically have little respect for racial equality or constitutional rights.  They blindly follow leaders who invariably betray them, men like Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Pat Robertson, and a host of others, some massively wealthy through bilking the corrupt religious organizations they build.

Mind you, only a few key figures control 30 million votes in the US with one of the most powerful being Jerry Falwell Jr.

Here is the story, as we are allowed to tell it.  Falwell is perhaps the most violent and even abusive foe of the LGBTQ community in the US.  Falwell’s vulnerability has been his personal moral extremism and his visible lifestyle of “purity and righteousness.”

So when Trump attorney Michael Cohen, back in 2016, learned that Falwell and his wife were sharing an open bisexual marriage with their now famous pool boy, who was even introduced to Trump and his wife Melania as well, the “love affair” between adult entertainment kingpin Donald Trump and the evangelical right came into being.

Is blackmail too strong a term?  Michael Cohen was “enlisted” by Falwell to use Trump’s personal influence with his backers in the tabloid industry to suppress reports of Falwell’s sexual debauchery.

From Reuters:

“Giancarlo Granda says his sexual relationship with the Falwells began when he was 20. He says he had sex with Becki Falwell while Jerry Falwell Jr, head of Liberty University and a staunch supporter of President Trump, looked on.

Becki Falwell, 53, is a political figure in her own right. She served on the advisory board of the group Women for Trump, which advocates for the president’s reelection campaign. She also spoke as part of a panel with her husband and Donald Trump Jr at last year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, the signature annual gathering of conservatives. Jerry Falwell and others refer to her as “the first lady of Liberty University.”

The university, based in Lynchburg, Virginia, was founded in 1971 by Falwell’s televangelist father, the Rev. Jerry Falwell. The younger Falwell took over in 2007. Today, the university boasts an online and on-campus enrollment that exceeds 100,000 students and holds those who attend to an exacting honor code. “Sexual relations outside of a biblically ordained marriage between a natural-born man and a natural-born woman are not permissible at Liberty University,” the code reads.”

Without Falwell’s backing, which was traded for Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s burying the wealth of evidence against Falwell, and we might add aided by key figures in the intelligence community, Trump would have lost the election in a landslide to Hillary Clinton.

Trump still lost the popular vote, not by a small amount but by 3 million, a figure that should be impossible or was until it happened.

According to Cohen, other key allies of Trump were recruited in much the same way, making use of Trump’s special relationship with a certain tabloid publisher who has strong ties to a foreign intelligence agency, definitely not Russia.

Trump and Cohen were fed compromising information on political opponents and their backers by police intelligence units and through, as mentioned, a certain foreign intelligence agency, not from Russia.

At the same time, Trump announced a new treatment for COVID 19 using convalescent plasma.  Trump appointee, Stephen Hahn, as commission of the Food and Drug Administration announced that 35% of COVID victims treated with this method got wall, citing a study at the Mayo Clinic.

This fuel a huge outpouring among Trump’s “base,” until it was found that no such study had happened and no such figure for cures could be supported, forcing Hahn to walk back his statement.

It was only days ago when Trump called on “armed supporters,” which have generally been white supremacist/neo-Nazi groups, to protect the polls during the election from “liberals,” meaning “voters.”

Around this issue there is the continuing controversy with voting by mail, which 30% of Americans have always done anyway.  At Trump’s order, 40,000 postal boxes have been removed from the streets requiring those who want to mail anything to drive to a post office, which for some is many miles.

Then the postal sorting machines were taken offline forcing labor consuming hand sorting of mail, which is quickly bankrupting the post office with expensive overtime.  In the process, two days has been added to domestic mail delivery times, all to “prove” that the US mail is unreliable.

Do note, that since the beginning of the pandemic, an increasing number of Americans, including all military and war veterans, receive their medications through the mail, a process that can no longer be relied upon.


What is clear is this, there are groups, call them organizations, call them interest groups or even criminal cabals, that are desperate to keep Trump in office.

What Trump policies are driving this effort?  Is it his trade wars or sanctions against Iran, Syria, or Russia?

Is it stolen oil from Syria and Iraq?

Is it something else, perhaps as alleged in the bizarre Qanon narrative, but turned inside out?  Is Trump backing Qanon because he and those backing him are, in actuality, the real perpetrators of Qanon’s conspiracies?

If this is true, would his other acts, the blackmail, the suppression of political freedoms and his alleged connivance in domestic terrorism and his family’s corruption issues support a more careful examination?







Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

Gordon’s Archives – 2008-2014

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