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China deploys more troops to sensitive areas along Himalayan frontier

Chinese state-owned media have released video footage showing the massive deployment of Chinese advanced weapon systems to sensitive areas along Himalayan frontier amid the latest border showdown with India.

China deployed several thousand paratroopers plus armored vehicles to the border high altitude areas of the Tibetan plateau.

According to the latest Indian media reports, Beijing ignores the statements of the Indian Foreign Ministry and continues to move new troops and equipment to the northern shore of Lake Pangong and the Galvan Valley.

“The PLA has amassed large troops near our borders. After the exercises, China left at least five thousand soldiers there. And he continues to send contingents there. So, they form a wide front for a possible invasion. This, without a doubt, poses a threat to our security, ”the Indian authorities say.

The Global Times also said that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has organized a large-scale maneuver operation featuring thousands of paratroopers plus armored vehicles to the country’s high-altitude northwestern region over a long distance from Central China’s Hubei Province for demonstrating China’s capability of quickly reinforcing border defenses when necessary.

As CNN reported, India and China share one of the world’s longest land borders. In 1962, the two countries engaged in a bloody Himalayan border war, and tensions have continued to break out there sporadically in the decades since.

Last month, an aggressive cross-border skirmish between Chinese and Indian forces resulted in minor injuries to troops. The incident has been followed in recent weeks by unconfirmed reports of tensions in the mountainous area, though neither side had publicly acknowledged anything out of the ordinary.

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