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Claims Trump Won 2020 Conspiratorial 'Insanity' -- He's Losing 'Stranglehold' on GOP

Claims Trump Won 2020 Conspiratorial ‘Insanity’ — He’s Losing ‘Stranglehold’ on GOP

Roundtable panelist Meghan McCain said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that former President Donald Trump was losing his “stranglehold” on the Republican Party.

McCain said, “I don’t even know how to talk about this because it is conspiratorial, you know, insanity from the bowels of the internet. There’s a segment of the Republican Party that believes it. I know people who think the election was stolen. It’s the big lie that people are still believing. It’s a huge challenge for the party going forward. As Mitch McConnell recently said, I believe he called President Trump a horse that is out to pasture and should stay there or a thoroughbred that should stay there.”

She continued, “If you look at polling against people like Governor Ron DeSantis, President Trump doesn’t have the stranglehold on the party that he once did. I think it’s college-educated women.”

Anchor Chuck Todd said, “I kinda agree that you are right.”

He added, “There’s polling indicating people think, please go away, but are afraid to say it publicly.”

Panelist Eddie Glaude said, “In some ways, Governor DeSantis’ popularity has everything to do — he is a version of Trump in some ways.”

McCain added, “There really are people that will put up a very good fight against him. He is still very powerful in a lot of ways, but he’s not the kingmaker he once was as we’ve seen in primaries across the country.”

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