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Closing Time Running Out the Clock on 2020 The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Closing Time Running Out the Clock on 2020 The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Thankfully 2020 is finally drawing to a close.

On this episode of the award-winning podcast Life Behind Bars, co-hosts David Wondrich and Noah Rothbaum discuss what they are planning to drink during the rest of the year and the appeal of starting the new year out with a run.

They are also joined by Knob Creek® ambassadors Amanda Gunderson and Tim Heuisler to chat about a new jogging program for professional bartenders that they are helping to organize, which starts on February 28 and lasts for 12 weeks.

The 100 bartenders from across the country will be split into four teams and trained by a top running coach. The goal is for everyone to be able to run a 9K, a 12K or a 15K distance on May 22. (These distances, naturally, honor the three main ages of Knob Creek® Bourbon.)

Bartenders can start signing up for the program on January 3 and can do so by reaching out on Instagram to brand ambassadors Heuisler (@Theuisler), Gunderson (@CaliforniaBourbonGirl), Adam Harris (@MrAdamHarris) and Beth Burrows (@BourbonBella).

So fix yourself a whiskey cocktail and listen to this episode of Life Behind Bars. Cheers!

Life Behind Bars features Half Full’s editor Noah Rothbaum and its Senior Drinks Columnist David Wondrich as they discuss the greatest bartenders and greatest cocktails of all time. It won the 2018 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Award for the world’s best drinks podcast.

Edited by Alex Skjong

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