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‘Cops Love ICE’: US Employee Sacked For Posting ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Drink on TikTok – Video


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An Indianapolis, Indiana, Target is down an employee after its corporate headquarters terminated an employee whose recent TikTok upload showed him whipping up a seemingly deadly “Blue Lives Matter” cocktail, complete with “bleach.”

Though TikTok sale talks have grown quiet in the US, the Chinese video-sharing platform itself is continuing to rise in popularity and attract personalities, like one netizen who used his place of employment’s in-store coffee shop for the props and location of his controversial new video.

“First, we’re going to start with bleach, all the way to the third line,” the employee says. “Going to add ice because, you know, cops love ICE [US Immigration and Customs Enforcement]. In a cold foam pitcher, we’re going to add more bleach, a little blood of innocent Black men.”

“This video is appalling and unacceptable,” an unnamed Target spokesperson expressed in a statement obtained by Indianapolis outlet WISH TV, calling the video “disturbing.”

“We don’t tolerate this behavior at Target, want all guests to be treated with respect and are terminating the team member who is responsible.”

“Additionally, after talking to the team member involved, we don’t believe this was served to a guest and don’t believe actual bleach was used, only milk and water,” the spokesperson highlighted.

Recent social justice and police reform demonstrations in the US have been accompanied with a slew of reports filed against fast-food employees, alleging harassment and/or assault on officers.

A 25-year-old Dunkin’ Donuts worker lost his job in Chicago, Illinois, last month after investigators determined the coffee he prepared for an Illinois State Police District Chicago trooper included “a large, thick piece of mucus” floating on the top.

At the same time, false reporting has also been exposed, such as the June accusations from a group of New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers. A since-deleted tweet from Detectives’ Endowment Association President Paul DiGiacomo claimed officers were “intentionally poisoned” at a Manhattan Shake Shake fast-food chain restaurant, though a probe by the NYPD quickly found there was “no criminality” on the part of the restaurant’s employees.

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